The names Brian

By weaponx54, Posted 31 Aug 2012

The names brian Toro now im super new to NoobFeed but im starting to get the hang of things. Sorry if I took long in making an introductory blog since I have been busy doing other things but now since I am home and don't have a controller in my hand I can finally talk about myself :) I'm a huge postcore gamer...well I believe so. I have been gaming since I was five when I discovered the black and white gameboy with a mario land 2 cartridge. Since then I have been expanding my gaming life into bigger and better consoles and video games. I am an all around gamer so i play xbox 360 PC and ps3 as well as handhelds such as 3ds and Playstation Vita. I am a huge fan for alot of things so dont be suprise when I start flipping out with excitement on news that might catch my intreset (which is everything). Im a Call of Duty player and Battlefield 3 player but only play on the ps3.....sorry:( but soon I will get my own xbox 360 since I have a feeling most gamers on here are 360 users i presume. Ummmmm what else i can say i like to lift weights not really a sports person but love to play volleyball....and thats pretty much my social life :p but yeah anything else you will like to know about me just hit me up send me a message and i will get to you as soon as possible :)

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  • Hi, welcome to the site. I hope you can check what Noobfeed has to offer on a regular basis. 

    Posted Aug 31, 2012

  • Welcome to the world of noobs Brian :) Meet @Dramus @Koshai @samael63 @Grayshadow who are my good friends here.

    Posted Sep 01, 2012

  • Welcome to the siiitteee of tomooorrowww!!!

    Indeed welcome aboard. Hope you enjoy your time with us and if you need anything just ask :)

    Might i assume you were the 54th weapon created by the weaponX program? If so, what does Wolverine think of that?

    Posted Sep 01, 2012

  • Welcome to the site. You may address me as Great One, Supreme Ruler of All The Internet, Master of The Masses, or simply The Worlds Worst Vid Gamer.

    @Amaya ...I was going to say something but it's slipped my mind.

    Posted Sep 03, 2012

  • @Kasp_Falco Really unexpected to see you showed up Chris. But my, it's so good to see you back posting :D

    Posted Sep 03, 2012
  • avatar RON

    Welcome here Brian

    Posted Sep 05, 2012

  • Kinda late here but hey welcome to the NoobyWorld!!!

    Posted Oct 02, 2012

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