SiN Episodes was the 2006 squeal to the 1998 hit title SiN. It's rare that developers create a game that surpasses in popularity to the first instalment of a gaming series, but the guys at Ritual Entertainment had the right idea. The fact they had 8 years to go to-and-fro with the drawing board, meant they had plenty of time on their hands to really come up with something rather special. And didn't they just. The idea was to be 9 episodes following the story of Col. John Blade (player) on his mission to bring the evil and still rather chest heavy SinTech geneticist Elexis Sinclair to justice (at least that is what is lead to believe).
Aided by the increasingly popular Source engine, Ritual developed themselves a game that would  be one of their greatest achievements yet. With that said the adventure was halted before it got ever really got going. The following year in 2007 the guys at Ritual Entertainment were acquired by developers MumboJumbo and that sealed the fate of the SiN episodic project.

Game: SiN Episodes: Emergence
Genre: Action, FPS
Developer: Ritual Entertainment
Publisher: Ritual Enertainment
Platform(s): PC
Release: 2006

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