It has been a while again since I last posted, this is due to the amount of time I've been spending playing the MMORPG, Lord of The Rings Online. Currently 354 hours worth of gaming time has been logged since I first installed the game via Steam. Beforehand I had downloaded a whole host of various Free to Play titles with the ambition of gaining a wider experience of different genres. Primarily away from FPS's such as MW3 and MoH which I believed I was spending too much time on. Well it didn't take my long to get back into FPS mode with the first of the F2P titles I tried out being Blacklight Retibution. It's appeal being the science-fiction futuristic esense in it's overall design. It's not the most fluid of shooting games but the multiplayer was engagable and you don't have to put up with a chatbox you'd see with the likes of MoH or MW3 (as examples) of players expressing profanity.

Next up, Rusty Hearts. Unfortunately there isn't a lot I can say about this game. I was never able to get it to work. You spend hours waiting for it to install with Steam to find out you need to download patches through the Rusty Hearts lauch client. Again these took a long time...and then stopped working all together. After a quick browse through the forums and webpages it turns out that this title is riddled with flaws, bugs and holes, so it was reassuring to know I wasn't the only person having a problem getting this game to function. The problem however is, it would appear Stairway Games have no intention of fixing anything and instead just want to release more content for those who somehow aren't being affected.

Magic: The Gathering - Tatics. Actually, I haven't begun playing this game even though I've had it installed for a several weeks now, the reason being...I can't stop playing Lord of The Rings Online.

Lord of The Rings Online is pretty much the equivalent of World of Warcraft and Guild Wars. I'll admit I own Guild Wars and I've trialled WoW up till lv 20 (after which, if you want to continue've got to start paying) but neither got me to maintain my interests with them for very long. Ultimately, GW's is now collecting dust at the back of my games cabinet and WoW was uninstalled. But Lord of The Rings Online however has zapped me away and left me clued to my chair. Whether it's because I have a love for fantasy if you will that has the hame bringing me back for more or the other fellow players of whom I have struck up some new wonderful friendships with I'll never truely know. It's one of those moments, you can't really express and define clearly for others to grasp and acknowledge. So instead I've made a video of my house in the game. Enjoy. 


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  • Wish I could love this game as much as I loved the movie.
    Posted Oct 04, 2012

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