Happy Thanksgiving

By CaseyD, Posted 22 Nov 2012

Hey guys :) Today is thanksgiving here in the US. simply a holiday of giving thanks and eating until you literally explode, i think i have exploded twice today already, thank God for glue of course ;) and theres a lot of things im thankful for but im thankful for you guys all that make this site so fun to be on and so awesome to be a member of! You are all awesome gamers and I want you all to share what you are up to.. how many times YOU have exploded, and what games are you guys playing? AC3? HALO 4? BO2 ? as for me im doing all three ;) yes call me an addict. 

Anyways Great to have this site Happy GOBBLE GOBBLE DAY 

Love you all! 

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    By JPPT1974, Posted Feb 24, 2013

    Hey I like the new banner. Just need time to get used to. Hope that you all are doing well. Blessings of March on the way!


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