It's good to be back!

By Cian, Posted 15 Apr 2013

Right lets gets this blog satrted..

so what have I been up to since i've been away..

I started a 9 month internship last year and i am on my last couple days with them,so that has been fun, it gets very busy a christmas time as we are a Food&Drinks hamper company.. looks like they may want to keep me on for marketing etc.

i've realy played xbox - but when i did was usually for sky ( tv service) or mlb ( go Boston Red Soxs) youtube,IE  - I am starting to get back into playing video game as i finished - bioshock infinite,assassins creed 3,,Gears of war judgement and a couple others - started up tomb raider.

Started watching GOT - up to season 2 ep 5ish -while watching hawaii 5-0,arrow,elementry, chicago fire and a lot of movies in the cinema ( with phone offer for 4 euro tickets )

went over to NYC of patrick day ( more like a week) was a lot of fun -got snow a few times here and there,had a great time - BTW your cinemas are crazy awesome - large drinks and popcorn with butter wicked combo wish theyd do it over here ( our large is like ur small drink) still had a good time  even saturday night were i surivied up to 4am then they got me stronger drinks lol :p

so to the point i'll try to set up the noobfeed podcast - if you are interested in coming on the podcast either PM me or reply below - hope to have my software up and working. I will have to get antivirus software for my pc and it went - moved my router so should have good internet up in my room.. ( times will be prob between 7-12pm Irish time mon -fri  depending on internship if they keep me) and all day sat/sun


ps. What just happend in Boston.. after watching Red sox win - two blasts by the finish line of the Boston Marathon.. that is just crazy - Sounds like no fatalities so far... Hopefully the worst is over

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  • Doston incident really is shocking. I hope the cops finds out the criminals behinds such horrible act.
    And, it's good to have you back after such a long time. I'm sure you'll find one or more person joining you at the podcast. If not, I'll find someone for you. Till that comes, enjoy the games you have in hand.
    Posted Apr 16, 2013
  • @Cian Aye, welcome back. Would be nice to get the podcasts back. never worked with any of that stuff, but im willing to throw help that way and stuff.
    Posted Apr 17, 2013
  • @Amaya - yeah it is socking - really hope they get the person behind it - lots of stuff going around on on twitter and Facebbok - -person arrested etc - figure of a person on roof...
    as for podcast - would really like to get podcast up and going again - really like working on podcast - i seem to have a nack for Podcast/radio work ( e.g talking alot ) lol
    as for my internshio - i still don't know if i'll be kept on - play that one by year..
    I will enjoy getting back into playing a few xbox games

    @Dramus : thanks for the comment - would all ways taking a extra hand - makes everything run/work better,cheers
    Posted Apr 17, 2013
  • @Cian I'm sure the men behind this will be found and brought of justice. And E3 is coming soon. Will you be able to start before that?
    Posted Apr 20, 2013
  • @Amaya yeah should have it all set up by then. I'll send you a email
    Glad the caught one of them -was following it on twitter and on sky news
    Posted Apr 22, 2013
  • @Cian Email sent to all team members. I'm sure one or two will be interested :)
    Posted Apr 22, 2013
  • @Amaya cheers thanks
    Posted Apr 28, 2013

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