Games are awesome

By Bubli, Posted 21 Apr 2013

I've been playing games since I was born actually...
My brother bought a Nintendo 64, and later on a Playstation One, so I got these consoles when I was born.
Played games all my life, and I think they are awesome :)
I've been playing games on Nintendo 64, Playstation One, PS2 and PS3, I have an xBox 360 (but don't really play on it),
also a GameCube and a Sega Master System are in my collection... probably some more too that I'm forgetting about now ^^

Games are just fun, and whenever you've got nothing else to do, gaming is the way to go... and since the internet got involved in
multiplayer games, it really got social too... just great :)

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  • I didn't know you've been a gamer for this long.
    Posted Apr 21, 2013
  • Of course I have :p
    Been gaming all my life, so that's for almost 21 years now :)
    Posted Apr 21, 2013
  • Welcome to NF @Bubli. It's always nice having a veteran gamer like yourself around.
    Posted Apr 21, 2013
  • Hehe Thx @Amaya ...
    Love to be here, an extra source of gaming information is always welcome ;)

    And btw, thx for your 'Thank You' , I've received it, and I'm happy to help with spreading the news everywhere I can.
    Posted Apr 21, 2013
  • @Bubli You are welcome :) I assume you are Tai's friend and been helping us out. Really glad to have you with us :)
    Posted Apr 22, 2013
  • Aye, welcome aboard 27 years of gaming on my side. oh the joys and joys. @Psylocke nice avatar. used to be in love with Psylocke in my early years...then i met Wanda and Emma :P
    Posted Apr 23, 2013
  • @Amaya: Yes indeed, that's me and I'm happy to help ;)

    @Dramus Thx... 27 years, that's awesome, you've been there from the start of video games :p
    Posted Apr 23, 2013
  • @Bubli Tai told me so. Appreciate what you've been doing for us. Keep up the good works :) Why don't you let your friends know about your site. We have room for more gamers in our friends-list.
    Posted Apr 24, 2013
  • @Amaya Tai told me she would tell you indeed :)
    I already did tell some friends, and will keep doing so ;)
    Posted Apr 24, 2013

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