Xbox One Reveal Reactions

By Din5193, Posted 22 May 2013
...For some reason, Noobfeed isn't letting me put line breaks in here. Weird. Anyway. I won't tiptoe around the tulips here, so to speak. This will be more of a rant than a reaction blog. Good lord this reveal was awful. I had already expected bad, but nothing like this. Let's start with the games. ...There are none. You've got your generic brown shooters, racers, and usual EA crapfests, as well as a game/TV tie-in because the creators live in an alternate universe where Defiance wasn't terrible. Speaking of EA, they apparently signed an exclusive deal with Microsoft. Did "O Fortuna" start spontaneously playing out of nowhere at Microsoft's HQ when the papers were signed? Because it should have. No price point was announced. Naturally. One of its components costs them $100 to put in, I wonder how much that'll drive the final price up for the consumer. Not to mention the fees. Want to purchase a used game? Pay a fee. Want to bring the game over to a friend's house and play it on their Xbox? Pay a fee. Online wasn't confirmed to cost money like XBL Gold, but it was sure as hell implied. Not that you'll really be playing games on your Xbox One anyway, since apparently THE FUTURE OF GAMING is watching live TV and browsing the internet on Internet Explorer with the Bing search engine. Because Netflix, FireFox, and Google don't exist. Naturally you'll need to pay for the TV and internet services as well, and you're only able to use them if you already have cable or broadband/Fi-os internet from your provider already. So they're charging you to use the services that you already pay for. Built-in, always-on Kinect. Do I need to say anything more about that? I shouldn't, and I won't. No backwards-compatibility with 360 games, and even XBLA games. Fortunately your achievement points will be brought over. CRISIS AVERTED, RIGHT? ...Good lord, I'm just so upset right now. I thought the PS4's reveal was bad, but damned if Microsoft doesn't try to outperform.
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  • Actually, i thought the PS4 reveal was superb. missing a few things, but they seriously bought me. X-ONE (zone...yea we get it MS) just ruined me. i didnt get a ps3 because i was "content" with my 360. so now ill have to abandon all that lovely play history just because MS wants to be a douche. when i buy a gaming system i want to use it for gaming, not to watch TV on it...thats why i have...i dont know, a TV for?
    Posted May 24, 2013
  • The reveal seemed like take what you can before we are outta business.
    Posted May 25, 2013

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