Chelsea vs. Fulham......#4

By SR_2012, Posted 02 May 2009

Its the 54th minute and Chelsea have buried Fulham with a magnificent goal from Drogba! After a through ball....and some sloppy defending, Drogba put it past the keeper with a nice touch and a cool finish. He is the man of the doubt :D !

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  • avatar RON

    a combination of your four blogs could've been better. but yeah! that was a great game. i was expecting Chelsea to play a bit better though.

    Posted May 02, 2009
  • I watched the highlights of the match and Drogba did really good.

    Posted May 03, 2009
  • yeah.....i like that drogba chap

    Posted May 05, 2009
  • Why don't you post anymore?

    Posted Dec 12, 2009

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