Gamescom 2013: EA Press Conference - I'm Full of Negativity

I got what I expected.

By XboxBetty, Posted 20 Aug 2013

This morning I sat down and got uncomfortable in my cheap, plastic computer chair. Preparing myself for Gamescom's EA Press Conference, I cracked a beer and waited. For an hour I sat, mindlessly staring at a screen, thinking of better things I could be doing.

Somehow I managed to sit semi-still through the entire press conference, only half-heartedly giving a care for a few of the games covered. This year EA's conference featured ten titles currently in development - I gave a sh*t about two and a half. Clearly, I'm negative about these press conferences. EA never fails me.

The Sims 4
This is one of the two and a half that I give a sh*t about. I've always been a diehard Simmer, and will buy The Sims 4 - no questions asked. The Sims 4 features new emotion based gameplay and creative tools. Homes will be built easier and faster with fully decorated rooms and the capability to place a room with one click. The create-a-Sim mode has been upgraded, making customizing your Sim "like playing with clay." Even set your Sim's walking style to enhance their personality. Go Sims 4 - preordering now!

Command & Conquer
I am aware of the series, but not all too familiar. A lot of pretty cool looking gameplay was shown at the conference, pitting two project leaders against each other. The most exciting news covered about Command & Conquer was about the only thing covered: Episodic story driven missions will be released - play them alone or cooperatively.

Dragon Age Inquisition
I'm not screaming to the skies in excitement for this one, but my interest has been peaked over the last few months. During the press conference a dev diary was played, with a lot of guys talking about how great the game is going to be. Dragon Age Inquisition is "all about freedom for the player" and "Inquisition is the first step on that journey." For the first time in the series you'll be in control of an organization, making moral decisions, and feeling the repercussions.

Plants vs. Zombies 2
It's great, it made a lot of money, it had the biggest launch in EA history. Plants vs. Zombies 2: Far Future and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare coming to next gen consoles.

Peggle 2
Seriously? Who cares.

EA Sports UFC
Like many a sports games EA Sports UFC will have brand spanking new facial animation! Legit, but will it be awe-inspiring? I guess I'll find out when I don't play this game.

Need for Speed Rivals
The major announcement about Need for Speed Rivals was that there will be a new playable undercover cop. Gameplay was shown, making being a cop look pretty f-ing awesome. A car is being brought back to the game - a Ferrari of some sort.

Luckily Titanfall is being released on the Xbox 360, otherwise I would have to spend my hard earned money on a Xbox One. Lots of spectacular footage of the game was shown, making me lust for this game even more. Along with making me yearn for the game a new "Attrition" mode was announced.

If you're a big FIFA fan you're probably going to hate me. I have never given one flying f- about a soccer game, nor will I ever. Here's a picture.

Battlefield 4
Diehard fans have something to scream about as it was announced that the Battlefield 4 beta will be launching early October. Something called "levolution" was discussed, having to do with dynamic environments reacting to your every move. A new "obliteration" mode was announced wherein teams are to kill before they are killed with a random bomb spawning and needing to be detonated. Also raging waters!

Most of these games are available sometime in 2014. For more details, find a legitimate article. I'm crossing my fingers that the Playstation conference will be more amusing - yes it will.

Megan Bethke, NoobFeed (@XboxBetty).

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  • You're actually right on this one, only Titanfall looked interesting for me (Sims 4 and FIFA 14 a bit, but meh).
    Reading this in like 10 mins is a way better experience than wasting an whole hour on the conference! So, nicely done recap...

    I hope the Sony Playstation press conference will be awesome though, so watching it now! :)
    Posted Aug 20, 2013


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