This Years Hottest Male Characters

Some of the year's biggest games had the sexiest characters; here's the top ten.

By XboxBetty, Posted 25 Nov 2013

Recently I was playing a game with a friend of mine when a particularly attractive male character popped up on the screen. My mouth dropped, and something of the sorts of "hot damn!" or "he's smokin'" came out of my mouth. Not really, but I did comment, expressing my thoughts on the character's physical appearance. He made it clear that he often finds female characters in games attractive, but the thought never crossed his mind that women (or men) may feel the same about male characters.

Surprise! We do. There seems to be plenty of articles popping up every year about the hottest female characters in games; why let the guys have all the fun? There's plenty of eye candy to go around for us ladies.

Some of the year's biggest games had some saucy looking men in some steamy scenes. My thoughts still often linger to these drool worthy moments and I can't help but be indebted to their creators. Well, let's get to the point; here's the top ten hottest male video game characters of 2013:

10. Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct
Everyone and their mom knew that The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct was going to be a complete and utter failure, but most understand the sexiness that is Daryl Dixon. What's second best to the real, live Norman Reedus? A Norman Reedus you can control. You say jump, he jumps; you say move, he moves.

Daryl Dixon,The Walking Dead,Survival Instinct

9. Artyom - Metro Last Light
Sure, he doesn't get out much, and is probably pasty white due to his time underground, but there's just something about a Russian. Maybe it's the vodka, or the mystery under that gas mask. Either way, Artyom is well deserving of a spot on this list, with his sexy accent and piercing eyes.

Artyom,Metro Last Light

8. Sam Fisher - Splinter Cell: Blacklist
In my book, Sam Fisher is the stealth master. Does he smile? I don't think so, but who cares, he does really well in the dark. His stubbly beard and piercing green goggles may entice unclean thoughts, plus he comes from one of the hottest military branches, the Navy SEALs.

Sam Fisher,Splinter Cell: Blacklist

7. Bigby - The Wolf Among Us
Bigby is a dirty, drunken man. Make that a chain smoking, boozing wolf-man. If you can't get over the taste of smoke and the strong aroma of whiskey, he's not for you. This shaggy man will turn on a dime for anyone and isn't afraid to use his hands.  

Bigby,The Wolf Among Us

6. Isaac Clarke - Dead Space 3
Watching Isaac Clarke tread through a white-out blizzard may have you shivering yourself. He fights for what must be done, and kills some nasty creatures along the way. Hanging around this guy requires a stomach of steel, but you'll want him on your team and may even do some crazy things for him.

Isaac Clarke,Dead Space 3

5. Alex Weiss - Tomb Raider
The biggest nerd on the list, Alex Weiss is the leader of the nice guys finish last club. His appearance is defined by hipster glasses and a baseball tee, and this hacker can be quite charming. His geeky antics and softer personality often leave him overlooked, but he's a cutie.

Alex Weiss,Tomb Raider

4. Ryan Clayton - Beyond: Two Souls
Ryan Clayton is kind of an average white guy. When you first meet him he's a bit of an asshole to the games protagonist Jodie, but his crappy attitude takes a turn, and eventually you may root for their relationship. This change of heart may have you questioning certain decisions, and maybe even reloading a save, just to take a tumble with this virtual hottie.

Ryan Clayton,Beyond: Two Souls

3. Booker Dewitt - BioShock Infinite
Booker slides, swings and glides; he has great moves. He has that sexy, sleek, Jon Hamm hairstyle; he's a good shot and his protective instincts make for one invaluable dude. Voiced by one of the industry's best, Troy Baker's rugged voice matches Booker Dewitt's physical appeal. 

Booker Dewitt,BioShock Infinite

2. Jay - Beyond: Two Souls
Coming in at an easy second on the hot list, Jay's spot on this list barely needs an explanation. The moment you see him (sans shirt) you'll understand why. Not only is he hot as hell, but from his experiences with the supernatural, he understands the game's main character on a different level.

Jay,Beyond: Two Souls

1. Joel - The Last of Us
Joel could be on this list twice; not only is he a sexy young father, but he makes a damn fine silver fox.  Father, friend, hero - he defines what it means to gracefully age. Whether he's clean shaven or rocking the salt-and-pepper look, Joel makes even the apocalypse seem inviting.  

Joel,The Last of Us

Runner-ups: Dante (DmC: Devil May Cry), John Carver (Dead Space 3), John Morgan (Dead Island: Riptide)

Clearly this list was created based on a personal opinion and one individuals idea of attractiveness. More than likely numerous deserving characters have been forgotten. Who else deserves a spot on this list?

Megan Bethke (@XboxBetty),

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  • What is this sexist, gender binary trash?!! Who says guys can't find dudes attractive :(?

    But seriously, awesome to have some change in that for once and that's coming from the dude who just put up an article about porn.

    I always thought Vega from Street Fighter was one handsome devil. It's one of the rare cases where androgynous characters aren't portrayed with their feminine traits as some weakness, but rather a distinctive skill. Plus, his persona isn't overly exaggerated and muscle bound like other, less savory depictions of dudebro musleheads.
    Posted Nov 26, 2013
  • Gay gamers are a myth.

    Ha! Totally kidding. o.0 I attempted to mention men finding male characters attractive, but I feel like that could be a whole new topic to get into.

    Go porn!
    Posted Nov 27, 2013

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