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Here's how Keyword Consistency can increase Organic traffic of your blog and website articles.

By RON, Posted 06 Jan 2014

Keyword Consistency is a significant term to consider when it comes to getting your content read by search engines, and typically for gaining a higher search result rank. Many writers or bloggers complain for not receiving expected organic traffic (traffic that comes from search queries), even after putting up quality content. There can be many reasons for poor search engine ranking, such as low traffic, lack of social network interactions etc, but implementing consistent keyword technique can certainly bring positive outcome. So, let’s take a quick look into Keyword Consistency and see what needs to be done to achieve higher organic traffic.

Before starting, you need to know what search bots look into your content. Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and every other search engines pay attention to five major parts in any article before displaying a search result. They are – 

1. URL of the article
2. Title of the article/Meta Title
3. Tagline/Meta Description
4. Content (The actual write-up)
5. Images used inside (Ref: Alternative text. Figure below)
6. Meta Tags are important but not as much as these top 5.

Keyword Consistency,SEO,Organic Search,Higher Traffic
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So, whenever you publish an article online, mention the main keyword in every single of these 5 areas. Take this news for instance. It has the keyword 'Franz Kafka' mentioned at the URL, Title, Tagline, News body and at the Image Alternative tags. Thus when it comes to the keyword Franz Kafka, Keyword Consistency ratio for this article is definitely high. As a result it shows up at Google search result. The more relatively you mention the main keywords in an article the higher ranking you get.

Keyword Consistency,SEO,Organic Search,Higher Traffic
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Remember, no matter in how many places we share your article, or how many hits you get, you'll never get a good Google search ranking unless your articles have a good Keyword Consistency ratio. We have tons of examples in this very site, where Google instantly indexed some articles right after they were published. Whereas some articles even with great quality writings had to be indexed manually, even though they are shared in many other social network sites. It's simply because those articles had a low Keyword Consistency rate.

So now that you understand that importance of Keyword Consistency, here is an example how to include alternative text to an image used inside your article.

Keyword Consistency,SEO,Organic Search,Higher Traffic
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So blogging at NoobFeed or your personal blog, make sure that your articles have a higher Keyword Consistency ration, and it'll surely help you to reach more people to read from you.

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