Valentine’s Gifts For Your Player Two

Valentine’s Day is here, and for the lucky ones with a player two by their side, we bring you a list of great gift ideas for that special one.

By JohnnRckr, Posted 13 Feb 2014

It's Valentine’s Day, and for the lucky ones with a player two by their side, we bring you a list of great gift ideas for that special one. But wait, it gets better! Not only are they amazing gift ideas, but we’ve looked for the best deals around. We know pricing and budget are always issues, but we’ve got you covered.

Mass Effect 3 N7 Limited Collector’s Edition Backpack Rucksack

Continuing with the Sci-Fi theme, why not take a look to the Mass Effect Collector’s Edition backpack? It doesn’t matter if your significant other is a male Shepard or a FemShep, it’s very likely he/she needs a reliable bag to travel the galaxy and perhaps save it. Needless to say, it has a beautiful design and is very practical. A must have for any Mass Effect fan.

Mass Effect 3,N7,Limited Collectors Edition,Backpack,Rucksack

12 Months Xbox LIVE Gold Subscription

How can you play with your significant other if you are not online? Either kick some butt together against the world, or just hang in a friendly co-operative mode. It doesn’t matter; if your significant other is by your side you can conquer the gaming world. So go ahead and tear away the distance barrier with this indispensable gift.

Xbox LIVE Gold,12 Months,Subscription

Globe Men’s Liberty Skate Shoe

Shoes? Really? Well, not any shoes. This pair of skate shoes will be an amazing gift for both skaters and gamers because their design is based on Halo and more specifically Master Chief’s armor. So either let your loved one show his/her mad skills on the board, or finish the fight.

Globe Mens,Liberty Skate,Shoe

Something Geeky’s Achievement Unlocked T-Shirt

Having a great person by your side to play a video games with is the ultimate achievement. To celebrate that connection you can get this fabulous Achievement Unlocked T-Shirt from Something Geeky. Don’t worry, if you don’t like this model you can check out other prints from Something Geeky.

Geeky,Achievement Unlocked,T-Shirt

Assassin’s Creed III Tomahawk Replica

You and the one you love chasing Templars and scalping the hell out of them. Think about it. Well, maybe that’s a bit too extreme, but you can still pretend with the official replica. This Tomahawk is just like the one Connor Kenway wields in the game and is a fine piece for any cosplayer.

Assassins Creed III,Tomahawk,Replica

Eat, Sleep, Game T-Shirt

More gaming apparel for you and your significant other. With this T-Shirt let everyone know which are the best parts of your day: eating, sleeping and gaming. If you’re not into black, you can choose from many different colors.

Eat,Sleep,Game T-Shirt

Splinter Cell Blacklist Paladin Multi-Mission Aircraft Edition for the Xbox 360

That’s right, the one with the airplane. Probably one of the best Collector’s Editions for sale. Not only is the game is amazing, the multi-mission aircraft is something you’ll want to brag about. It may sound a bit pricey, but its price is down 56% so this is the best time to buy it. There are some people we love so much we want to buy the moon and stars for them. Maybe that’s not possible, but you can start with this.

Splinter Cell Blacklist,Paladin Multi-Mission Aircraft Edition,Xbox 360

Just in case you don’t have someone to gift any of these items to, why not buy them for yourself? Be your own Valentine.

Jonathan Coutiño, NoobFeed
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