Was Clementine Worth Molding?

Was Lee's influence on Clementine meaningless?

By Grayshadow, Posted 13 Jun 2014

Season 1 of The Walking Dead was filled with difficult decisions and heartbreaking consequences. Choosing who should live or die and who’s friendship was more important to keep up. The most significant relationship that was constantly in flux was the one between the former history professor Lee Everett and the little girl Clementine. Throughout the five-episode season Lee was challenged with protecting this her from harm while at the same time influencing her development. While a lot of your decisions do affect Clementine in season 1 these influences never manifest in season 2 because Clementine is being controlled by the player. Instead the decisions that Lee made during season 1 has had little to no influence on Clementine. It didn’t matter that I didn’t help loot the car of supplies or brought Clementine to Crawford because in season 2 I can choose to go into a completely different route from my original path.

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"I'll miss you."

Since episode 1 of season 2 Clementine was given a blank slate, jumping forward from the little girl Lee left in the care of Omidand Christa to a teenage girl with a different view of the world. As the season progressed Clementine was given several choices to make that would adhere or rebel against what Lee taught her about morality and survival. I could choose to aid Sarah in desperation to find face in her harsh reality or ignore everyone and focus on her own safety. It didn’t matter if Lee choose to act virtuous or selfish, Clementine was her own person and the events of season one began to meant less as season 2 continued. 

This of course is a smart decision by the developers at Telltale Games. While this is a sequel to season 1 it’s important that those entering The Walking Dead from season 2 are able to grasp the story and not feel at a disadvantage for not having played season 1. Clementine is her own person now and part of growing up is making decisions your own decisions that mold you. Lee had a heavy impact on Clementine during season 1 but he’s not around anymore, Clementine is the star now and it’s up to the player to decide what path she should take.

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"I miss Lee."

Lee played a profound role in Clementine’s life until the end of season 1. While Season 2 does built on the skills Lee taught the little girl, such as shooting a girl and taking charge, most of it is dedicated to Clementine’s new identity. She is free from the influence of others and instead on what she perceives to be the best decision. You can choose to act selfish or humble in front of Clementine because once you begin season 2 her persona will be wiped clean for the player to rebuild anew. 

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