M.U.G.E.N is a freeware 2D fighting game engine developed by Elecbyte.

By Nightember, Posted 27 Jun 2014

Everyone Vs Everyone!

"M.U.G.E.N is a freeware 2D fighting game engine developed by Elecbyte."

"M.U.G.E.N allows users (typically known as "authors" or "creators") to create content for the engine such as (but not limited to) characters and stages for others to download and add to their game, or just to keep for themselves, as well as fully-fledged fighting games. " ~quoted from the Mugen Database.

Above you see a simple description of my latest facination. An amazing fighting game engine that is simple to get started up and quick to enjoy, or as complicated as you can imagine, with any character you can dream of.


Now what does any of this mean. Well to break it down. When you download and install mugen, it includes: the basic game engine. 2 Starting stages, and two basic fighters.

After you've explored and very quickly become bored with these limited and useless options, you will discover that there is a massive community for this game, with thousands of creations ranging from Characters from just about any show or game you can imagine, to stages, motifs, game screens and healthbars all in the same quantities.

At first glance, it all can seem overwhelming, and where do you even start!? 
Well to begin, i would suggest finding your self a motif. A motif is basically a pack containing a custom screenpack, character select screen, and healthbars, all in one to quickly get you rolling. These are most important for their character select screen, as the more slots one comes with, the more characters you may have without the need to get your hands dirty yet making the slots yourself.

Personally for motif packs, i would reccomend: BROKENMugen, and the everyone vs everyone motifs. Both can be found at the top of the motifs page on the mugen database. a wiki containing much user created content.

NOW! the fun part.  Characters and stages. This is where the game shines, and things become much more enjoyable. As ive mentioned above, the mugen database is home to thousands of characters and stages, just as it is for motifs, so i would recommend starting there. 

Here you can find completely custom made characters, created by many very dedicated authors who have put a lot of thought, accuracy, and variety in their characters, along with the Ai that theyve wrote for them. Not to say that you dont find the derpy characters, but its really all up to who you choose for your mugen lineup :)


Now that youve come this far, have a decent lineup, some good streaks under your belt, and finally wanna stop just fighting, and actually get your hands dirty under the hood with character, stage, and whatever creation, its time for you to take a trip over to "The mugen fighters guild" a large forum serving as the nexus for mugen content creation, and the majority of the game's community. Here you can find everything you need on tutorials, tools, help to get you started, and reception for when you come in with the finish.

Once youve made it this far, youve pretty much taken off and are on your own, free to enjoy as you see fit to create. 

That being said I suppose this covers my shoutout to this amazing fighting game/engine ive discovered, and hopefully will bring more attention to this game and its community.

 Below i will include the names of some usefull tools and sites i have found to save some the time. please google these, as i'm not linking them to avoid TOS violations :P
"Mugen Database" <-huge content site
"Mugen Fighters Guild" <-main community site
"Fighter Factory" <-the all in one content creation toolbox
"VSelect" <-for visiually and easy editing your character roster (a personaly favorite)

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