Hey all,

So finally I'm back....I couldn't remember my account email for so long and i was like ugh wth was my accounts email...I finally recalled it on a whim and well hell....I was right -_-

What I have been up to.  Got a New Job - Im working as Prep Cook and Dishwasher for No.8 Kitchen & Spirits down in Amesbury, MA for about 3 months now and well ....I am very happy with the Job....Just need more cash at the end of the week so we need more activity at night at work. 

I am currently a Gamespot.com Moderator but, I have been thinking about retiring cause of the recent firings over at the office ....Along with our Main Community Manager going MIA temp cause of Family Death (Condolences).  I haven't been a Moderator there long but,  Whatever I might leave the site but, if I do it will be if the site keeps going down hill....

Good to be back.  Maybe before Long I can become a Mod on this site to fill the emptiness I might have soon probably

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  • avatar RON
    @JPower Hey Taylor. It's been while since any older member posted something. Obviously a very good feeling. However, you might not see any familiar faces around. Our site has changed a lot over the past few years, and so does its community. Anyway, I'm happy to hear about your job. I hope you stick here longer than you did last time. haha. And feel free to drop me a PM if you're interested to join our team.
    Posted Aug 10, 2014
  • Welcome back old friend. I too recently made my return, after years of being stuck away. This place is great and i can garentee that your return is appriciated. As ron mentioned, things have changed here, but its focus has become more important as a result. As a moderator at gamespot, your goal of being a moderator here may not be far out of reach, dont quote me on it as its not my decision, but here we pay attention to our own and give credit where its due, i'm sure you'll be recognized :) it's good to here about your new job, and well i don't live to far away, maybe i'll stop in and leave you a nice tip :P
    Posted Aug 25, 2014

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