Will this generation be the death of MMOs?

Playing an MMO use to be about grinding for months, making new friends, and enjoying playing with others.

By chanman20, Posted 26 Aug 2014

I have to say for the most part this generation feels entitled to get everything free. They're too stuck on instant gratification. Take ArcheAge, it’s a much hyped MMO that is still in alpha but does beta events. Most of the younger players have issues with grinding, spending time to level skills and get there gear. If you pay for a membership fee you get small advantages like placing a house, gaining LP faster and while offline, small things like that. LP is used to level up your professions such as cooking, logging, building etc. A free member gets 5 LP every 5 minutes online where as a member gets 10 online and 5 for offline. The reason for this is so people can't abuse the system and level everything in a week and camp all the areas to farm plus it causes people to play together instead of solo. It doesn’t stop you from questing, PvP, anything like that. There is also a cash shop but they don't including things that help level or get your gear. In this game you can use gold you get in-game to buy a membership or other items in the shop. Not pay to win. Now the issue here is the younger F2P players want everything the P2P players get without paying. There are a lot of younger people who want to level everything up in a week so their mad. Even WoW has given in to them by including an item in there store that lets you level to 90.

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Playing an MMO use to be about grinding for months, making new friends, and enjoying playing with others. I would spend hours running dungeons to gear up, or just PvP with friends.  To me part of the fun was meeting new people and having to have a group to able to complete something. With this new generation it feels like MMO's are going downhill, and I fear soon there won't be many if any of them at all.

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