*Dust has settled from eons of neglect. Clinging to everything in the room. Our old friend slowly shuffles his way into the room, kicking up clouds everywhere. Old reflexes start to kick in as his hands glide around, flipping switches, pressing buttons, and clearing off a surface. A slow hum starts to echo in the room as everything starts to come alive after it's deep slumber. Lights shimmer and the screen lights up, it displays.....*

"Welcome to Windows 95... 38,562 updates required"

Alright maybe it hasn't been that long, but it's been a long time since I've written anythings. So I guess I'll start with and update on my life, if it stirs any life from other members maybe a revival is in order.

Okay let's see, where did I leave all of you... Ah yes, College. So some time back, I was in college, let me give you a basic run down the key events that hit while I was there. I went to study Marketing, graduated with a 3.5 GPA degree in that which is nice. I made some friends and maybe only keep in touch with a few. Met a lovely girl who I've been dating for what's going on to be three years. I also did an internship for a Company called Fastenal.

Fast forward to, oh lets say the summer after i graduated. Spent the summer aware from my Girl while working. Did not care for the distance. However I was able to get the connections and training I needed to land a part time job with the company I interned at. Spent all summer visiting her, making money, and realizing how boring it is to be an adult. So what do I do? I make life a bit more challenging. I ask my girl to get a place with me.

Here is the kicker, renting is a waste of money to me. So fast forward a bit more. After many phones, long hours, a lot of arguing, and once confused agent, I bought a house. At the goddamn age of 22 I bought a house... So me and my lovely lass move in and spend 6 months broke as hell since all my money is going into furnishing this house. YAY ME! To help make my life a littler easier, I bust my ass at work. This pays off because as of April 2015 I was promoted to full time for the company I work for. I make a decent amount of money now but the real kicker is the fact I get commission so I really can make some good money.

Fast forward a bit more to like... nowish? At the rate that I am showing progress I am actually most likely going for another promotion come this January, which would give me about a 15% base pay raise along with double the commission. Simply put, I'll be making "big boy" money soon. So life is getting easier again and this, adult life when it gets easy can also get a little bored. So what does this "big boy" plan on doing? Well this summer I am taking my girlfriend of (By than 3.5 year) to Portugal with me for two week. What am I going to do there besides enjoy myself? I plan to propose to her (No one tell her guys, totally not cool), at a damn castle! Because you know, I'm classy. Castles are classy... my name on here is Knight. Yea all kinda makes sense. But enough of my personal life that I'm sure you all wanted to know about, or at least humoured until I got this next part.

My gaming life! Or as I like to refer to it now, that thing I love to do but never have time to do! yay! Let me start by listing new goodes


1: I have my Ps3 still, but have upgraded to a PS4 which out of all of my consoles is most used (90% is netflix) For this lovely console I have Dragon Age, GTA5, Destiny, and several of the free PSN stuff, oh yea i got PSN too, yay for me.

2. Xbox360. I spent a lot on her. Hell she came into my life late and live long along side me until I got my PS4 last christmas.  Do I still play her, sometimes. Mostly to do two player stuff with my girlfriend (Oh yea, she games too sometimes) But live is expired and i have no intentions on reviving her or moving to XboxOne

3. 3ds, I have one, I play it sometimes, if you are honestly interested in that just hit me up and I'll share. It's probably the item I play least at the moment.

4. The big one. Back in June/July I did something silly. I saw I got a lovely commission check, and rather than be an adult and save it. I did what all games do. I drop 1800 on a custom build PC. BOOM I am now part of the gaming "Elite". Since I put a large investment into this, obviously I am on it the most. Let me quickly just list what i play most:

SCII: LoV: I nerded out and got the digital deluxe package. I love, and it may just drain my soul for a little while. (I main protoss, En Taro Tassadar!)

HotS: Wasn't a MOBA fan for most of my life, than Heros came long. Who knew all it took was familiar faces and a lack of money management to suck my soul in. I have spent money on this, and I do love it. (I main a very mean Arthas, Zaragra, and MechaTassadar)

DiabloIII no expectations: I'm still a little cheap, I'll upgrade in due time

Hearthstone: Great when I'm sober, Even better when I'm drunk. And it's mobile

Mech Warrior Online: I actually play this because my Boss does. Didn't think i'd get sucked in, However I did.

I could go on and on with all the games I now have and play got the PC, but i'd be writing for days probably. So i'll finish up here. I missed you all, and I am sorry for disappearing to many of you that where close to me. Life happened, and I didn't mean to neglect this wonderful corner of the internet that really kept me stable and sane when life was a mess and a half. I'm glad i was insipred to return and write a little. I hope it sparks others to come back. Other than that, I'm happy to be back.


@Ron I know you are out there and I probably have a lot of explaining to do. But i missed you most boss. I'm ready to come back and help however you need me to. I love being part of the NoobFeed team.

"Insert Floppy disc to save file? Are you kidding me!" *Get to work on dusting...*


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