Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Improvement Suggestions

There are plenty of modifications that can be done to make PES 2017 the number one football simulation.

By RON, Posted 06 Mar 2016

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 is an old game by now, and it will soon be time for PES 2017 to make its arrival. There hasn’t been much given out by Konami about the new game, but I’ve come up with some suggestions that can make PES 2017 a game everyone will love.

Presentation (Menus, Cameras, Cutscenes, Replays)

- There is only one broadcasting camera, and that can’t be edited. Either add more TV views, or make this one editable. It's too low and zoomed in compared to La Liga TV angles for example. Make all the in-game cameras available for replays. Replicating real TV's replays, and Real Speed replays can be a good idea too. Also, allow longer time for manual replays.

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- Stamina should have a greater role on the players’ performance. For example, when out of stamina players should suffer a huge decrease in sprint speed. Because players are still making speed runs, especially when tracking the ball, even during the final minutes of the match.

- I personally love this, but lowering the effectiveness of through balls might make the game a lot more realistic. When the CBs have lower speed than the opposition CFs, it’s simply impossible to stop them when playing a long range through ball. Many get truly annoyed by this, because it can be a deciding factor in the match.

- I would personally like the skill moves to be more intuitive/easy to pull off. It’s okay if certain footballers are restricted to certain skill moves but footballers who can perform those, should be able to do so in a slightly easier manner. Scoring goals from a lob, or manual controls; these are child’s play. Scissor feints, Step On, Flip Flap feints, on the other hand, should be a bit easier to perform. When the gameplay gets intense, it’s very hard to pull these off. It’s a fact that it might make the gameplay more unpredictable, but that’s why playing PES will be more fun. When dealing with a star player, I want to be surprised by his skills and sudden moves. Right now it’s very predictable.  And I really do not like the control schemes for many of the advanced skills. Those are way too difficult. I can hardly pull them off in the training mode, let alone during a match.

- Smarter goalkeepers/AI controlled defenders, especially when the GK leaves the goal towards a ball and a defender is also going towards it. This usually ends up being a disaster for the goalkeeper’s team. It benefits players that just shoot forward and hope for the best.

Most importantly, though, Konami should fix the broken fouling system. It’s either too lenient or too strict.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017,PES 2017,Screenshots,Players,Edit,Manu,myClub

Edit Mode

- First thing first; OPTION FILES!

- Stadium editor: While there might be a license issue with stadium likenesses, there can't be an issue with similar looking "parts" of a stadium. We can have these "parts" disassembled in the Stadium Editor, and re-assembled by the user to bring all the UEFA stadiums into the game.

- Way more slots for image imports. Currently there are too few.


- PES commentary is getting better in each edition, and same goes for the crowd noise. Though the crowd noise is too monotonous. In every stadium the atmosphere is exactly the same. Different noise type could make things more realistic.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017,PES 2017,Screenshots,Players,Edit,Manu,myClub

Graphical enhancements

- PES 2016 footballers are easily the most realistic around, due to the amazing Fox Engine, but they really must improve the stadium and crowd, because they are last generation material.

- Animated hair like the women in FIFA. And hair and clothes that get wet with rain. This would be really great. Also, better skin textures, as the ones in PES 2016 still look plastic-like.

- Animate the Managers more on the sidelines. I, for one, would like to see Zidane walk and react accordingly as a coach, shouting and even calling players for indications. These small animations won’t hurt the game at all, but make it more realistic.

Online Modes

- The most annoying issue with the online modes is the disconnection problem. Konami should find what is needed to do in order to sort this problem out. It’s giving PES a bad name.

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Offline Modes

- Transfers in Master League make no sense at all. Players that only appear on NTs are grabbed early for no fee by, it appears, the same team every time. Every new career I've done, Hummels has been picked up by Arsenal.

- The teams that place offers make no sense. I've have 85+ rated players put on the transfer list, yet instead of a club like Real Madrid (who I've never received an offer from) springing for him, I get clubs like Chievo dropping 30 million Euros for him. Where did they get the money to do so, and why would the player move there? (now, again, I’m no expert, but I don’t think the ingame environment is thought out to echo the one in real life every time)

- The amounts themselves are inconsistent, or just poorly planned out. Age is not a consideration for price point, with 30+ year-olds often costing far more than a promising 20 year-old.

- People talk about presentation as what gets them "in the mood" for a story mode, but if you can't feel you're interacting with the other teams in a tangible and realistic way, it ruins the fun and immersion of the mode.


- Improve the server or change it completely.

- Konami will probably never have a Marketplace. Right now it's all about luck. I need LB and RB and I keep getting CB.

- When getting disconnected during a match, all the players in the squad end up with their stamina below 40%. This needs to be adjusted. Players in the starting 11 should lose their stamina as much as they do during a 90 mins play. Usually it's never less than 75%.

- Special agents shouldn't cost 250 coins. It's too much. 10000 GP is acceptable though. 250 coins for black balls are fine, because these players cost a good amount of points to keep their contact renewed.

- When signing a new manager, there should be an option to release the old manager and get GP in return.

- Vs Com competitions should be updated regularly, at least every three months. Because the second time playing any competition doesn't really offer any considerable reward.

- A player you've released or converted into a trainer, should never get recruited again.

- Contracts are just too goddamn expensive. Top players are nearly/over 3000 GP to renew. That's like winning 2 online games. If you draw or lose it'll take you up to 5 games to gather that much GP. And that's to renew one player. And by the time you do it, another top player is running out of control. There should be a standard price that you pay for every player no matter what their rating is. 1500 GP would be a good price.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017,PES 2017,Screenshots,Players,Edit,Manu,myClub


There are plenty of modifications that can be done to make PES the no #1 football simulation, but it’s a matter of time and implementing the improvements users such us recommending every year. I strongly believe that the above suggestions are enough to make PES 2017 better. A whole lot better.

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