A Great Frozen Weeken

The definition of icy cold was redefined for this writer after a weekend camping in the Canungra mountains of Queensland, Australia.

By JoshHodson, Posted 05 Jul 2016

A lifetime spent entirely on the Gold Coast works to develop a person incapable of dealing with cold temperature and an obvious lack of civilisation, so you can guess exactly how my outdoor camping experience in the Canungra mountains in the middle of winter was. Memories of cold shivers while climbing snowy mountains in countless games such as Call of Duty were wished for as my old self empathised for my new self in that environment. Despite the mornings with ice flakes covering everything that was brought along, fog that disables the ability to see past a ten metre radius and a cripplingly cold consistent breeze, the weekend can only be explained as peaceful and enjoyable.

Any experienced camper will be the first to tell you the most important and memorable aspect of a camping trip is the people in attendance and the connection to nature that is developed. Spending three days with eight close friends and a girlfriend who can all always create and maintain engaging conversation, keep a smile on your face and are all equipped with their own hidden talents went a long way to my appreciation of the frosty weekend to remember. As far as nature goes, a creek one hundred metres away gave a stunning sight that could never be forgotten as the sun set behind the water, despite how cold that water was for someone acclimatised to the average twenty-three-degree Celsius temperature of Gold Coast beaches. When that is added to the apparent friendliness of neighbouring kookaburras and a famous Queensland waterfall in the Tambourine Mountain area just a fifteen-minute drive away, it is obvious that the experienced campers were imagining an experience almost identical to my camping holiday in the Canungra mountains.

The positives significantly outweigh the negatives in this incident, which leads me to the mindset of recommending the Canungra mountains in Queensland, Australia to anyone searching for a memorable camping experience. This recommendation can only be provided on one condition however, plan your vacation for early-middle Spring.

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