The lists are out and everyone has made their pick for the top games of 2018. There are some long-awaited updates to a beloved franchise on the horizon, big blockbusters, and beautiful art-heavy games on the horizon. With so many hotly-anticipated titles coming up, it would be impossible to cover them all. Instead, here’s a quick round-up of titles you won’t want to miss, with a few that might have flown under your radar.

Top Games Of 2018

The Fan Favorites

First up in the fan-favorite category has to be Kingdom Hearts 3, a game fans have been waiting for since concepts were first released in 2006. It’s been a long time coming for fans of this Disney-Square Enix mashup. There’s also Far Cry 5 to look forward to, the perfect game for gunslingers. Spearheaded by Ubisoft Montreal, Far Cry 5 takes you to an American Redoubt-scenario in a fictional county in Montana.

The Blockbusters

Shadow of the Colossus – a high-def remake of a beloved classic for the PS4, this open-world game promises incredible visuals and immersive landscapes. But it’s not the only blockbuster you can expert in 2018. There’s also the family-friendly Sea of Thieves, which takes you to the high seas as a swashbuckling pirate and DragonBall Fighter Z gives a new dynamic to DBZ games.

For the Art Aficionado

For players who love to get lost in gorgeously-designed worlds, Moss is a stunning VR-game that focuses on a mouse’s adventure through the woods. But VR aside, indie title The Last Night cleverly combines pixel art with incredibly detailed, Blade Runner-esque cityscapes.

Top Games Of 2018

If you want to play the latest and greatest video games of 2018, you also need the latest equipment to handle games today. From resolution to response time, the gear you use can have a big impact on your gaming experience.

You already know the new consoles you need to own, but what are you playing with? For console games, you need a TV that’s worthy of the production value going into games today. A great gaming TV isn’t just about picture quality. You need a combination of quality and responsiveness, and that doesn’t always mean the most expensive model. What are the best TVs for gaming? TV reviewers on RTINGs picked the LG B7A, thanks to a combination of picture quality, low input lag, and zero motion blur. It has instant response time and a wide viewing angle. They also suggested the Vizio P Series 2017 and TCL P607 for mid-range and budget buyers. Don’t forget to upgrade to a TV stand that matches your TV if you’re going all out with a new, bigger gaming screen.

For PC Gamers, there’s a long list of monitors and you need to check out this year, starting with:

- Alienware: The AW3418DW is the fastest ultrawide monitor available yet with a better refresh rate than any of the competition. This is a great top-of-the-line buy.

- BenQ: Their PD 3200U is a large screen with 4K UHD resolution you can buy on a budget. If you’re a gamer who also needs a monitor with professional tools like CAD for your job, this is the best value monitor you can buy.

- Asus: The Asus MG248Q is a solid budget buy that offers super-fast response times and adaptive sync, which helps reduce screen tearing.

Those are just some of the top picks that will meet your gaming needs, whatever your budget. If you want to enjoy the best games of 2018, don’t forget about the equipment.


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