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By SnowWhite, Posted 05 Jul 2018

The issue of whether playing video games is bad for you and what some potential “behavioral problems and difficulties” might be has been discussed for a long time. A lesser known fact is that there is actually number of benefits that gaming can have on some crucial abilities.

Gamers and non-gamers alike were tested for a number of skills relevant to some of the most demanding jobs as well as everyday activities. Additionally, the gamers were subdivided into current and past gamers in order to make out the impact that ongoing gaming practice may have on their abilities.

The research found that the competences acquired through gaming don’t fade out when you’ve stopped playing. On the contrary – all gamers, past and current, performed truly well and better than non-gamers in a set of skills necessary for jobs like surgeons, pilots, and more.

More importantly, it is not the winning of the game which counts, but the practice you gain in the process. So, if you want to enhance your abilities, it is probably not all that bad to indulge in a bit of gaming. If you want to top it with a win, then the TKO Hacks Team certainly has some useful tips for you.

The more detailed analysis says that when it comes to future doctors, gaming significantly improves their chances of performing great at laparoscopy and suturing classes. Medicine majors from both categories of gamers made fewer mistakes and finished their tasks more quickly. Additionally, they had better results all together then their non-gaming peers.

Another interesting thing when it comes to demanding professions is that gamers performed better in stressful situations like those involved in flying an aircraft. More precisely, they show less neuroticism markers than actual military drone pilots, which means that they are better equipped for such a job. Not only that – this means they respond better to any form of stress and situations involving pressure.

Coordination between the visual signal and motoric response is another important skill that improves with gaming. This skill is called visuomotor and has a lot to do with someone’s talent for driving. This basically means that gamers are better drivers and have better reflexes.

Another on the list of the abilities where high performance is linked to gaming is learning. Namely, multi-tasking, perception, attention, task-switching, and decision-making are all positively influenced by gaming experience.

Teen gamers who took an international test also did better in math, science, and reading than their fellow-students who didn’t play video games. On the other hand, those who spent some portion of their time scrolling through social media did worse on this test.

Gamers in real

To top all of the above findings, a few general abilities are worth mentioning as well. There is also quicker decision-making and better attention span than that in the non-gaming subjects. Lastly, some aspects of vision, such as visual memory and the skills to easily switch between mental tasks are all linked to either active playing or gaming background.

Of course, performance tends to be better if the gamer plays for more than three hours per week. So, instead of relaxing by numbly staring at the social media, maybe challenging yourself with a video game would be a better idea.


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