Gaming blogs are a major channel for getting latest news, updates and reviews. If you would like to start a gaming blog, you can create content on many different types of games. You have total control over the style, games and segments you would like to cover. Especially for those of you who are passionate about a single game in particular, it’s a great way to build your own community and share your knowledge about the game. Whatever path you decide to take, you will need to follow some basic steps to get your gaming blog online. Read on to learn about how to start your own online gaming blog platform.


Create A Blogging Business Plan

Similar to how you would create a business plan, you should create a blogging plan. This should include a clear vision and mission statement for the blog. By thinking about your goals, you will have a better idea of what kind of blog you want to create. List all of the games, topics, and systems like Xbox that you would like to cover. Planning ahead will allow you to create a brand that is either focused on one aspect of gaming or broad enough to cover serval areas. Once you have your plan in place, you have something to stick to when working to achieve your goals. As a result, you will be more focused and effective in achieving your goals.

Choosing A Blogging CMS Platform

With a plan in place, choose the blogging platform that will power your website. The major blogging platforms include WordPress, Blogger and Joomla. While you can choose website builders or other hosted platforms, a self hosted CMS platform gives you the most flexibility. Additionally, WordPress is the most popular CMS for blogging. It is used by nearly 1/4th of all websites online. It’s simple to install and update your blog. Whichever platform you use, try out some demos to see which one you are most comfortable with. Since you will be using this to power your gaming blog, you want to make sure that you choose a platform that is simple and easy to use.

Find A Hosting Company For Your Blog

If you choose a self-hosted blogging CMS, you are going to need a hosting account for the website. There are many types and sizes of hosting solutions available. If possible, find a hosting company that specializes in the platform that you would like to use. With the WordPress platform, you can sign up for a WordPress Hosting package that will offer you much better performance for similar pricing. A reliable hosting environment is one of the essential requirements to starting your own gaming blog and growing it successfully.

Start Blogging About Gaming Topics

Once you have a blog setup on your hosting account, it’s time to start writing. In the beginning, it will take time to develop your own writing style and process to create quality content. The key is to start writing and get past that blank page. As you write more content, you will find out what topics you enjoy covering most. On top of that, you’ll find out how to research effectively and create unique content ideas that haven’t been told before. Writing is the main skill that you should develop for a gaming blog. If you can successfully combine a strong writing and gaming skill set, your website should be very high quality.

Promote Your Content Online

Now that you have some great posts on your website, share them across your social media accounts. At first, this will lead to your friends and family seeing your work. They will offer valuable feedback and might even promote your content further. You will probably be surprised at how much traffic you can generate from some basic online promotion. This is the beginning steps of your online blogging journey. From there, you can start to grow your gaming audience and attract new visitors.

Similar to other successful endeavors, starting a gaming blog requires having a plan in place. You need to have some set goals to create an identity for your blog. Then, you need a user-friendly blogging platform to power your website. Find a hosting company that specializes in the platform of your choice. Once you are all set up, start writing and promoting your content. If your passion for gaming shows, it’s only a matter of time before you have a very successful gaming blogging platform of your own.


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