Here are my picks for the top five sexy female characters in PlayStation exclusive games.

Aloy, Horizon Zero Dawn

Maybe it’s the wildness of her fiery orange red hair, maybe it’s her fierce attitude or maybe it’s her primal and kind of tribal sense of fashion, but the fact is Aloy, Horizon Zero Dawn’s main character, is one gorgeous redhead. Since the reveal of this game, Aloy took center stage for her looks and her bravado. It was hard to compete with the wow factor of mechanical beasts the game is famous for, but still Aloy managed to make an impression on gamers. Her honey greenish eyes combined with her adorable freckles and smooth skin make for a ginger beauty fans simply can’t get enough of.

Tifa, Lockhart

Although we first got to know Tifa back in the day of the first PlayStation, it became an instant crush form most fans of the Final Fantasy series. It was not only that she was charming and cute, but also, she was incredibly gorgeous, with a voluptuous figure and a powerful way to make us emotionally attached to her. Needless to say, she became a fan favorite, and, now that the game is set for a remake inglorious 4k, we might get to Tifa the way she was meant to be represented.

Tifa, Lockhart

Madison Paige, Heavy Rain

Modeled after real life British model Jacqui Ainsley, this single 27-year-old journalist poised a constant question for players of Heavy Rain: how is this attractive and amazingly hot woman single? The game presents her sculptural body whenever it has a chance, including one particularly famous shower scene. No wonder she constantly makes it to the listings of most beautiful and/or sexy video game characters.

Aphrodite, God of War III

The goddess of love and lust had to be represented in the most gorgeous and sexy fashion in order to sell the idea she was actually so, especially in her iteration present in God of War 3. The game series is famous for the hypersexualization of its characters and mature aimed content and Aphrodite could not be left behind. She actually might not only be one of the hottest characters in the PS3 but perhaps one the hottest in all of gaming. The way she is presented made her a huge favor, for she was barely dressed in a gown cut in the right spots. Aphrodite’s perfect body was accentuated by her showing of her bare breasts, which are about a C-cup, perfectly round in shape and crowned with soft pink nipples. An authentic treat to the eye.

Mary Jane Wattson, Marvel's Spider-Man

MJ makes it to another lists of sexy or beautiful female characters to no one’s surprise. Since her inception in pop culture, back in the 60’s, during the early runs of the Spider-Man comic book series, Mary Jane seemed to have it all to become the crush of millions of comic book fans all over the world. She is famous for her girl next door vibe, the red hair, a rocking and curvy body and a great attitude on top of it all. Now, with the release of the newest Spider-Man game, we can once more get a hold of what this fiery redhead has to offer. Although her most recent appearance has been heavily criticized, she is still a beautiful character over all. This time she sports a more nuanced attractive look with a more relatable and down to earth appearance, in contrast to other iterations of the character like the one portrayed by Kirsten Dunst, but that only increases her approachable beauty and makes us want her even harder.


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