The gaming industry has flourished steadily over the past decade. And you can now download games online through online gaming platforms like Steam, Epic Games, GOG, Humble, and

But what really sets them apart? Which is the best? Here are some of the main points that make them different:

Ease of Use

GOG is the easiest to use among the above-mentioned online gaming platforms. Like the Epic Games Store, it has an easy to navigate, user-friendly UI that lets you find the games you like with ease.

Humble aims to deliver quality content to their customers. Their store isn’t as easy-to-navigate as GOG and Epic Games but it also shouldn’t give you a hard time locating the game for you. is an open marketplace for developers looking to sell their games. They have an interface that’s fairly similar to Humble and developers are entitled to come up with the price of the game, market, and manage their sales.

Game library

They all have their fair share of games but Steam by far has the most number of AAA-title games, indie games, and free games-- totaling up to more than ten thousand games.

GOG, Humble, and Epic Games have a few thousand games you can purchase online while has over tens of thousands because it’s an open market for developers and gamers alike.


The video game prices are originally listed in US dollars but currency heavily depends on where you are located. This means prices in America may be different in India than in Canada and other Asian countries.

Additionally, the difference in prices also depends on the purchasing power and the global market. So prices in Steam may be different than in GOG or Epic Games. But because Humble usually sell games in a bundle, prices are expected to be cheaper. usually feature indie and light games that don’t tend to cost over $50. Games are so light that it’s expected to run smoothly on most machines. But if you want an ultimate gaming experience, get yourself a good computer.

Payment Method

Steam, Humble, and GOG accept a variety of payment methods such as debit card and PayPal. Games can also be purchased as a gift to a friend or someone you love. and Epic Games doesn’t have the gifting feature. However, Epic Games allows you to gift V-bucks (Fortnite’s in-game currency) and other in-game items in Fortnite.

Which is the Best?

These online gaming platforms offer different features and may be limited to selling genre-specific games.

But even so, there’s no best among these as it all boils down to which one offers the most convenient user-interface, number of games available, as well as which one offers the lowest price.

With all these laid out, which is your favorite online gaming platform when buying PC games?


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