In today's world of technology, drones in all shapes and sizes have become very much a prominent feature! Drones now have a massive number of uses for both leisure and business. Drones are used by farmers for example to keep an eye on their land, and I also used in more extreme sports such as snow sports and Formula 1 or rally driving. They are great for filming shots at high speed, as they can get an angle from extremely high in the sky, or can follow the action at a much closer range.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the differences and sizes of drones that are available, and primarily why you are better off buying a small mini drone instead of a big one! A small drone can be tiny! There are mini drones under 250g available for purchase!

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Portability - this point speaks for itself. Small drones are much more portable and easier to move around than their larger counterparts. They can easily be moved around in a bag, and carried about during your day-to-day life. Even if you're not planning on carrying your drone around every day, smaller ones are more beneficial due to the fact that they are easier to store because of their size, and will not acquire as much space as a big drone should you be transporting them.

Flying - flying a small drone is considerably easier than flying a large drone. They are much easier to move around due to them having much less weight and much less power than large drones. If you are a new pilot, this is an important point to consider - if you make a mistake when controlling a larger drone you will you making a wrong move with a greater amount of power and a greater amount of money flying about in the air. This means that if you make a mistake, it is likely to be a very costly one. It is also important to consider that if you fly a large drone into another stationary object or indeed another drone, it is going to cause more damage and will most likely be more expensive to repair.

Noticeability - a large drone is easily noticeable by just about anyone due to its size and increased noise. If your drone is being used for say for example security purposes, you will wanted to be as small and discreet as possible. If it is not small and discreet and is instead large and noisy, it is more likely to be damaged by those that wants to breach the security that you're trying to protect with your drone.

Usability - usability is another important point to consider when buying your drone. A small mini drone is much more usable in a much larger number of spaces when compared to a big drone. For example, it can be used indoors as well as outside and in more confined places. It is also not a requirement in a number of countries that, should your drone be over a certain size and weight, that you have a licence to fly it in public. This is yet another hindrance to your drone flying enjoyment. If you would like to be able to use and fly your drone in a much larger number of places, you're better off buying a small mini drone!


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