Most college students start preparing for their future within months after freshmen enrollment. They must decide which career path is the best one to take. Choosing a career path is not always as simple as considering one’s experiences. No, it also requires in-depth research to find the options that are offering the best opportunities. With that said, people with experience in video gaming are in high demand at the moment. Developers and companies are always on the lookout for college graduates with experience in the industry.

Online Searches

The Internet is the best source for job seekers. Whether you are still a college student or new graduate, you can find all kinds of job opportunities simply by conducting a quick Google search. Video game design companies will post job opportunities on their website. So, these websites are the first place you should look. Some of these companies will utilize employment websites, such as Monster and Indeed, to find suitable job candidates. These websites are constantly posting new job opportunities in the video gaming industry.

Job Fairs

While online employment websites are the best sources for job seekers, job fairs work as well. Many companies will join efforts to find suitable job candidates through job fairs. Regardless of where you reside, you should have access to job fair events. If not, you will need to plan on doing a lot of traveling. Most of the top video game design companies, such as Nintendo, Rockstar Games and Electronic Arts, are located in areas that may not be accessible to you. Traveling to these areas could round you a job at one of these companies or another development firm.


If you are a hardcore video gaming enthusiast, it is likely that you know others with the same interests. It is also very likely that you know someone who works at a video gaming designer company. This individual will be able to point you in the direction of job opportunities within the company he/she works for. This knowledge will put you on a competitive edge with job seekers who have the same career goals as you.


Contrary to belief, newspaper classifieds are not a thing of the past. In fact, many companies still advertise job opportunities through local and national newspapers. These ads are available in newspapers and online at the newspaper’s website. Just a quick search will lead you to all of these job opportunities. Of course, if you are looking for ads in local newspapers, you will need to make a few stops at your local convenient, retail or grocery store. Newspaper ads are continuously changing, so you may need to make a purchase every day until you find that dream job.


Video game developers and design companies reach out to college students through various sources. These sources include online employment websites, newspapers and media other media outlets, such as television and radio. If you are destined to become a developer or assistant, you will need to apply yourself to the fullest.


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