Ever since Sony’s PS4 was released, PlayStation exclusives and non-exclusives like have been continuously flowing in to support the system and keep its users satisfied. With 2018 being an excellent year for PlayStation gamers, and with 2019 looking good so far, it’s time to step back and take a look at the best PS4 games every genre has to offer.

Best PS4, Games

GT Sport

Ever since there was PlayStation, there was Gran Turismo. Ever since Gran Turismo 1 & 2 were released for the PS1, the GT game series has been etched into the hearts of PlayStation gamers right throughout the years. Therefore, it comes as little surprise that the 13th game released in 2017 would end up being claimed as one of the best racing games for PlayStation. The reason why this game stands out from all the other racing games, and even stands out from the other Gran Turismo games is because they’ve swapped out quantity for quality. The selection of cars has been reduced and the number of maps and courses have gone down as well.

However, the detail of each map and the attention given to each course has been amplified so that even though you won’t have the massiveness of Gran Turismo, you’ll certainly have an experience you won’t forget.

Tekken 7

Everybody loves a good ol’ “beat the ever-loving crap out of everything” genre, and this game has been taking a memorable place in the genre ever since Tekken 1 was released for the PS1.

What's incredible about this series is that it doesn't seem to drop anything from its previous games, instead steadily building upon the fighting mechanics you know and love and adding more and more into the series in terms of characters, gameplay, graphics, and mechanics. Every character has an incredible range of combos and even a slight slip against an experienced player could easily mean the end of the match for you, so it isn’t just down to being a button smashing noob.

The Last of Us, Remastered, Best PS4, Games

The Last Of Us Remastered

This iconic title made its way onto the PS4 with a remaster. To begin with, the original version was already good, with excellent graphics, exceptional dialogue, and gripping gameplay that was so good it didn’t even have any competition when winning its 240 awards. However, what’s amazing is that the remaster is actually better in terms of graphics, lighting, and several other aspects since the original core of the game has been left the same.

Basically speaking, they took something that was fixed, then fixed it again, somehow making it even better. This game is great at pulling all your heartstrings while maintaining grizzly combat and exceptional voice acting. All in all, I’d say it deserves every one of its awards.

Batman: Arkham VR

Moving on to the world of virtual reality, the PS4 has its fair share of games. So how about the virtual reality simulator that lets you become the Batman?

This game can hardly be called a "game", rather being a very immersive simulator. The setting takes place in the Arkhamverse, between Batman Arkham City and Batman Arkham Knight. The story itself is quite predictable and you don't exactly get the chance to go hand to hand with Gotham's criminals. The voice acting is pretty good considering that Batman was voiced by Kevin Conroy while they bought in Mark Hamill for the Joker. But let's forget about all that. That might be what we look for in a normal game, but since this is VR, its best aspect is in the fact that the game actually makes you feel like you’re Batman. Running around Wayne Manor, the Batcave, and the rooftops of Gotham while dressed in the legendary Batsuit is an experience only virtual reality can offer. The attention to detail is meticulous, making it even more realistic. You get to see the Batmobile and Batwing up close and personal, and you get to do some detective work in pure Batman style. While this game has gone relatively unnoticed, it represents a stepping stone into showing how our childhood heroes can be seen in ways never seen before.

Horizon Zero Dawn

When people imagine post-apocalyptic futures, they imagine charred buildings, ruins of cities, and an ugly, desecrated Earth. Horizon Zero Dawn takes a different approach by sending humans, and the world around them, back to their origins as cavemen.

Technically speaking if there ever were to be a huge nuclear war that would wipe out the humans and leave the Earth to be a smoking ball of mud, it would only take a couple of years for the Earth to spring out new life and go back to business as usual. So perhaps this game isn’t that far off. You have beautiful landscapes, lush forests, snowy mountains, and giant mechanical beasts roaming around. All the normal stuff.

Horizon Zero Dawn, Best PS4, Games

You play as a headstrong female protagonist who’s literally trying to find out what on earth happened. This game has continuously gotten almost 10/10 ratings and is definitely game of the year material, considering the way the developers have blended in technology and nature is buttery smooth and the enemies you encounter have unique designs that you will never find in any other game. While the melee tactics are lacking, every other aspect of the game’s combat is enthralling, regardless of whether you try to take down the mechanical monsters’ head on, or go for a stealthy approach by setting traps (that will eventually fail). There’s a lot of life in the protagonist and a powerful story that acts as the cherry on top. An excellent effort overall.

God of War

What more needs to be said about the new God of War? The game that people have unanimously decided is the best PS4 exclusive to ever grace the world of gaming.

With an intuitive combat system, challenging gameplay, excellent voice acting and animation, breathtaking graphics, this game is the textbook definition of what a good game is. Following its reveal in E3, many suspected that the game would not be able to live up to the hype it created. Certainly, nobody expected the game to end up doing a lot more than that. The enemies you have to go up against come in all shapes and sizes with varying levels of power. Each stage is designed perfectly and the button mash combat system has been replaced with a system where you actually need skill to play with. They've added a lot of emotional touches to the gameplay and completely redone the whole thing to create a masterpiece.

Wrapping things up

There was a time when PlayStation games weren’t all the hype and people even went to the point of saying that buying a PlayStation was a waste of money. That time is long gone now, with the platform getting success after success. This is largely due to Sony funneling in a lot of money to the developers, giving them a lot of freedom to work, and letting success unfold. Sony is happy, the developers are happy, and gamers are happy. It’s a win-win all around!


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