Ever since the beginning of time, there has been a necessity for transactions to take place worry-free.

After all, the person conducting the sale wants to ensure they will receive their compensation, and the person making the purchase wishes to receive the goods and services they availed. Not only that, people want it to be convenient and simple to do. Our modern world has eliminated the need for face-to-face exchanges and allowed us to square off nearly all of our debts near-instantly, as well as to create receipts for those transactions in real time. This is, of course, entirely facilitated by the wonder of e-payment. Payments can be made electronically, with recourse for both the customer and the merchant in case of any foul play by either party.


But then, here's why the e-payment system has really made our lives different forever:

Payment of Governmental Services

Things like taxes and parking tickets can now be paid entirely online, thanks to various payment processors who work to facilitate e-payments around the world. Not all countries have implemented their own system yet, but enough have for it to be a noticeable and significant phenomenon. Now, the government has a digital repository containing a receipt of each time a person pays them money. It simplifies what was previously a complicated process for some people, having to find time out of their day to go to a government office while it's open to pay their dues. This is why e-payments have made it easier for people to pay their debts to the government, and the government no longer has to worry about issues of non-payment at such a frequent rate. Disputes are also much easier to mediate, thanks to the records created through online purchases.

True Hermit Lifestyle

Twenty or maybe even ten years ago, if we were to tell you that you'd have to go outside eventually, we would probably be right. These days, however, there's just about nothing you can't have delivered to your door with a few mouse clicks and enough determination. If an individual doesn't want to leave the house, everything, from food to entertainment to even toilet paper, can be brought directly to their doorstep. How is this all paid for? You guessed it - via e-payment. Obviously, this example is taking it to the extreme, but e-payment has freed us from the constraints of only having physical storefronts.


The economy that works through e-payments is one of the few advances in technology that helps both the customer and the merchant equally, leaving little room to not adopt it. Customers are given the convenience of not having to carry around large sums of cash, as well as quickly purchasing just about anything as long as there's a payment processor handy. Meanwhile, merchants take advantage of this increased ability and willingness to spend money and can make their living out of it. All we know for sure is that there's no going back from here, and we genuinely wonder what the future holds. Many analysts predict a completely cash-free society in just a few decades. There's a good chance they might be entirely right.


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