The enormous wave of Battle Royale popularity caused by PUBG and Fortnite makes big publishers and unknown indie studios to bend over to take a seat under the great free-to-play sun with billions of donations. The vast majority of attempts to push in a new Battle Royale end up with mockery, but it’s not about Apex Legends.

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Electronic Arts managed to outwit the industry. They bought Respawn Entertainment with the full rights for the cool Titanfall franchise. This move didn’t attract much attention as everyone supposed that EA wants to invest in Titanfall 3 to lift the series from its knees.

Instead, they financed Respawn to make it develop a colorful F2P spin-off shooter with loot-boxes! This project didn’t have any advertising to become a sensation. This plan appeared to be a staggering success, and today Apex Legends is played by over 25 millions of players!

You Are a Legend

There are 8 types of characters who are called legends. Each of them has 3 unique skills: passive, active, and an ultimate one. For example, sturdy Gibraltar has a power shield that protects him during aiming. His second ability allows you to set a protective dome that is impenetrable for any bullets or explosions. The ultimate attack calls upon a massive bombing from the air.

There’s no need to describe all characters as you can test them yourself, but you have to know that they are all visually memorable and provide absolutely different gameplay experience. You will definitely have to play for each of them because it’s impossible to have a couple of similar characters in one team.


Unlike PUBG and Fortnite, there’s no solo mode in Apex Legends so far. That’s why every game session is a clash of 20 teams, 3 players each. There’s only one map for battles, and it’s quite easy to memorize it in about 10 runs. Talking about runs, all characters are very speedy, so there’s no need for vehicles. This point is a real shame for fans of titans, but come on, it’s a spin-off! We have a couple of Titanfall enthusiast, and even they were amazed by the perfect balance between terrains, and character abilities.

The size of the map is rather small but provides a good bunch of different terrains. You will come across small village districts, utilitarian buildings with mazes of corridors, rocky a desert, a jungle, a swamp, an Eastern bazaar, a military base, and many others.

One For All

Apex Legends is a Battle Royale for cohesive teams of 3. Perhaps, developers won’t be able to add a solo mode without breaking the balance. The thing is that about half of gameplay mechanics is based on cooperation, team tactics, and strategy.

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TTK (time to kill) indicator in this game is extremely high. It’s simply impossible to kill someone without an epic skirmish. That’s why it’s wise to attack someone jointly. Don’t worry about losing a teammate because you can heal him instantly in case he is still bleeding. In case someone finished him off, you have 90 seconds to bring his banner to one of reviving beacon.

Communication in Apex Legends is highly convenient. Guys from Respawn envisaged that not all player would like to use an audio connection. That’s why they developed a brand new system of instant messages and labels, so you can easily understand each other without saying a word.

The Bottom Line

It’s amazing how developers managed to make this game so feasible and pleasantly playable without public beta-testing, and early access. Maybe, this Apex Legends review looks too enthusiastic, but there’s a reason for that. Respawn Entertainment did their best to design almost a perfect Battle Royale that is accessible for anyone. The fact that this title is almost free from donations and bugs makes it even more wanted.


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