Whether it be betting on sport or trying to get a win on the roulette wheel, the past few years have seen many changes in how we play. A mixture of new technology being created and innovation has produced staggering developments.

Technology Advances

Being able to play roulette on an app is something we wouldn’t have dreamt of in the past. The arrival of the internet led to online casinos that we just loved playing. Improved technology re our mobile phones has seen apps being launched that mean we can be playing roulette whenever and wherever we want. As technology continues to make advances, it’s interesting to look at just how the best roulette apps perform, as you can see here.

As technology improved, it was poker that saw major improvements being made. New versions of the game were introduced with the chance to speed up the gameplay, and games such as Spin and Go’s introducing random prize multipliers.

The changes proved to be a big hit with customers. As long as there was always going to be the classic version of the game, introducing new updated versions with a twist was acceptable and popular.

The Roulette Revolution

It was logical, therefore, that the same would happen with roulette. The games became more sophisticated as improved graphics became possible, just like it has in the gaming sector – take the first look at Final Fantasy 7 remake as an example. As games have evolved, so has roulette from when it was first played online.

The Arrival of Live Dealers

That has all changed now with the arrival of live dealers. A live casino that can be played on your app changes everything. Actually, being able to play on a roulette table with a live dealer that you can interact with was a real game-changer. The games are set in studios that give players the feel of being in an actual casino, but without all those taxi fares you pay to get home in the early hours of the morning.

Lightning Roulette

Now that we have improved technology, companies such as Evolution Gaming have been able to produce new and exciting versions of the game we love to play. Lightning Roulette is one such example, and it is of course based on the basic gameplay but with some exciting additions.

There are added Lucky Numbers for every game and the possibility too of Lucky Payouts. Those additional opportunities have made this a highly popular game and a virtually unlimited number of players can play at the same time.

It’s the sheer look of the game that shows just how much effort roulette apps are putting into producing new, exciting versions. With a stunning black and gold look, it takes your breath away when you first see it. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Lightning Roulette has won several awards including EGR’S Game of the Year in 2018.

The Future Looks Bright

Technology seems to be showing no sign of slowing down. This isn’t an industry that likes to stand still. Heaven knows what apps will look like in five to ten years. If the progress shown in recent years is anything to go by, it can only be good for those that love playing roulette.

Apps now offer appealing interfaces and being able to use them on your mobile has become a lot easier. It’s a competitive market so companies offering such apps can’t afford to stand still. More improvements will be made, and app suppliers will also offer more promotions to get their hands on more customers.

The future will see more and more games being introduced in this competitive industry. Finding a new spin on the game of roulette and improving the graphics further are the key aims for online sites and game developers. It’s an ongoing process, and with the possibility of mobile devices continuing to progress, it can only be good news for those of you who love playing roulette on your apps.

Maybe you’ll soon be able to try for yourself, because the GTA Online’s casino, which has remained derelict since the game’s release, now seems poised to open for business!


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