Real Life Meets Gaming

By Raaiinbow, Posted 10 Jul 2019

Gaming is more than just a hobby to most of us, it’s a passion. We are connecting with a mass of people over the internet while doing what we love to do. And if that not amazing enough, these days we also have the possibility to meet the Gaming world in real life on Gaming Events. Next to big conventions sharing the newest games, gaming gadgets and hardware with you, also the competitive gaming is growing and making it possible to meet up with people sharing your passion.

Jenna Wenzel,PR,Manager,German,Female,Gamer,Streamer

Gaming is a big part of my life too, so seeing events about it grow and become more popular made me excited to attend to some myself. Since I luckily had the opportunity to attend quite a few events where gaming met real life, I decided to share my experiences from gaming events with you and talk a bit about them in the new NoobFeed Youtube video.

No matter if you attend gaming events yet yourself or not, I hope I'm able to give you a small impression about real life meeting gaming and looking forward to hear your thoughts about gaming events and their growth.

So if you are as much into gaming as me and like sharing your passion in real life as well as online, check out our new video:

Jenna Wenzel, NoobFeed,


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