Grinding To The End

By Psylocke, Posted 19 Jul 2019

Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games are among the most popular genre of games with one of its main proponents being World of Warcraft. MMOs feature a large number of players playing on the same server, cooperating and competing with each other. They have a basic storyline in each you are the hero and must develop your character through levels to become stronger.

PC gamers are no strangers to the popularity of MMOs and how they work. So if you’re coming from consoles and playing this genre for the first time, it might come as a surprise to you that in MMOs the best in-game content is usually available when you’ve made quite some progress in the game. This is called Endgame Content.

Although games vary, there are some basic mechanics in every MMO. The fact the endgame content is much more interesting than the grinding is one of these mechanics that turn out to be a problem to players because it takes too much time to level your character and you might end up not enjoying the game enough.

In games which are based on a leveling system - like WoW - this is particularly frustrating. A lot of what you’re aiming for happens only in the endgame, for example, nice dungeons and raids are only available to high-level characters, which have gone over grinding.

The Endgame Problem

But what is this endgame exactly? The endgame is the situation when you achieve the highest level - 110 as of now - and need to do other things other than just leveling your character. By now you get access to content in the game that was not previously available.

Basically, your goal here is not to level up anymore, it is to challenge yourself. A non-exhaustive list of endgame content is provided below:

- Dungeons and Raids: the most fun running instances are available only when you get to the endgame, where you explore them with up to 5 other players.

- Professions Upgrades: you can master new and old professions for your character and play a greater role in the economy.

- New Abilities and Gear: you can improve on legendary gear by grinding your item levels and grinding for new achievements and skills, such as flying.

- PvP combat and faction reputation: you can start building reputation points with factions and the PvP combat is most fun when you’ve reached the endgame.

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Although this endgame problem is present in most MMOs, it is quite pronounced in WoW because besides the character level you have items levels, which include gears and types of equipment, different skills for professions and so on. It turns out everything is based on grinding, and this can be tiresome to the newcomer.

So in order to achieve your max stats you need to spend dozens or hundreds of hours playing solely to level up your character, items, and other features.

Alternative Ways

Although WoW offers rich content and quests to low-level characters, the most interesting content comes from the endgame, so we need to go through all the grinding, or do we?

The alternative is to find someone to grind for you! There may be several reasons to do this, but mainly, if you want to avoid the trouble of all the grinding - and believe me, there is a LOT of grinding - you can outsource this task to someone else. If you know someone, you can ask them to do that for you or hire someone through professional boosters, for example.

Boosting services allow you to skip all the grinding, or maybe have someone perform specific quests or raids for you, while you invest your energy on other aspects of the game, whether by getting knowledgeable of them or jumping right into the action after you reach the highest level.


In WoW the most rewarding experiences are usually found in endgame content. The issue is to get access to this content, which requires countless hours of repetitive tasks and enduring some less exciting features of the game.

There’s no shame in wanting to take the best out of your time and out of the game you’re playing! In the end, the choice is yours, and you must decide whether the endgame problem is such a big deal.

Regardless, you should always have fun. If you’re not having, then you’re playing the wrong game.


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