The Best 5 Features on FIFA 20

By Alicia, Posted 11 Oct 2019

FIFA 20 arrived recently, and it was possibly the most eagerly awaited game of the year.

Whilst it can seem like little changes from one edition to the next, it’s still one of the highlights of a gamer’s calendar, particularly those with a passion for soccer.

With each new release, EA makes little tweaks and adjustments that keep fans coming back for more, with the game built around three or four core modes which just have people enthralled season upon season.

So let’s look at the five best features of FIFA 20.

The Best 5 Features on FIFA 20

Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team is the most important feature of the game for many players. Players can build their own squad from scratch, buying the world’s best players using the in-game currency they’ve earned or purchased using real-life money. Just throwing 11 players together won’t work and that’s why it appeals to the armchair managers and coaches out there.

Career Mode

If spending real money isn’t for you, there’s always the career mode. Here, you get to take control of your favorite team and lead them to domestic glory, as well as play in some of the biggest matches on your continent.

New features added this year include media interviews and real players becoming managers once they retire.


A report by Engadget suggests that the newest feature of FIFA is good enough to be a game in its own right. Based on the popular sport of street soccer, it offers users a host of single and multiplayer options.

The main focus of Volta is the story mode, designed to take the place of Alex Hunter’s ‘Journey’ series, which came to an end in FIFA 19. There’s certainly enough to suggest that Volta is a new feature that adds significant value to a tried and tested product.

The Best 5 Features on FIFA 20

New Grounds

Every year a host of new grounds and venues appear on the game, with English soccer fans rewarded by all of the Premier League stadiums being recreated. A guide to the Premier League newcomers by Ladbrokes shows how this season has introduced EPL fans across the world to Norwich City, Aston Villa, and Sheffield United who were all promoted from the Championship. Through this feature, players will get to experience Sheffield United’s Bramall Lane firsthand.

Portuguese fans will also be delighted with the long-awaited arrival of the Estadio da Luz. American fans also get rewarded with a proper depiction of the Red Bull Arena, home of New York Red Bulls.

Also, having secured the Champions League franchise in 2019, the Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Turkey is included as it’s the venue for 2020 final.

New Teams

Romanian soccer fans are in for a treat as their domestic league is included for the first time. That means the likes of CFJ Cluj and Fotbal Club FCSB, formerly Steaua Bucharest, are available to players.

There’s also a debut for Al Ain FC from the UAE, which comes as a consequence of requests from players in the region, according to the Emirates News Agency.


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