Because this is going to be your next gaming marathon, it's safe to assume that you've already done this before. But, perhaps you may be looking for tips that can help you go through the next one more prepared.

Gaming marathons are no easy feat, and just like any other tournament, it's one that you've got to prepare for. The preparation has to do more with your body and the gear. The gaming is already done with, through the hours that you've spent playing. That's a whole lot of practice on your belt.

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Gaming marathons are tough. These tips, however, can help you better get through them:

1. Sleep Well

Gaming marathons can last for days at a time, non-stop. If you're with a team, this shouldn't be much of a problem since you can rotate through the schedule. But, if you lack players, then you'll need to be ready to stretch long hours. However, expert gamers don’t recommend stretching your body to more than 24 hours without sleep if you haven't done so before. Your body is naturally going to demand rest, as you're not a robot.

For the best preparation, sleep at least 12 hours straight before the marathon starts. This, along with proper meals and hydration in between, can help make you breeze through the first 24 hours better.

2. Stay Hydrated

One of the most effective ways for you to stay awake is to keep hydrated. But, do try to stay away from caffeinated drinks; don't rely on coffee too much. When a person is recommended only one to two cups of coffee in a day, stick to this. While it gives you that energy boost, it's only temporary. Caffeine also has a dehydrating effect, and this is the last thing that you need during a gaming marathon.

The best way for you to stay hydrated is through a glass of ice-cold water. The ice gives you that kick of energy that you need. The hydration from the water also keeps your mind sharp. Remember that your mind is also your most significant asset for you to navigate through the games more successfully.

3. Purchase A Comfortable Gaming Chair

Sitting in front of the computer screen for at least 24 hours straight isn't going to be an easy feat. Even after the first few hours, your body will already demand rest. Your back may start hurting, and staying still on the chair is only going to be uncomfortable.

As you prep for your next gaming marathon, you might also want to consider buying one of the best gaming chairs. If your body was suffering a lot during your previous marathon, the gaming chair might have a lot to do with it. Gaming chairs today are made to be more ergonomic and comfortable for the body.

The best gaming chairs will at least have the following features, as a minimum:

- Longer neck and head support
- Extendable footrests
- Comfortable armrests
- Seats that are designed to adapt to the shape of your back

4. Give Your Eyes A Break

Another body part that deserves significant attention in terms of preparation is your eyes. Facing the computer for long hours at a time will naturally strain your eyes. It's also not suitable for any human being to push their eyes to the limit. If you really can't sleep, give yourself regular breaks to stay away from the screen.

Here are some tips to care for your eyes:

- Before the game marathon itself, have your eyes checked with an eye doctor to see that it's fit for prolonged exposure to screens. If possible, ask your doctor for protective glasses. These glasses protect your eyes from the blue light or UV that's emitted by your monitor.

- During the game marathon, keep the 20-20-20 rule in mind. Look at something around 20 feet away, once every 20 minutes, for 20 seconds straight. Doing this helps protect your eyes and also avoids headaches from too much screen exposure.

Gaming Marathon, Competition, Gaming Chair

5. Take Good Care Of Your Hands

Apart from your eyes, your hands are also very important. Nowadays, there are also computer mice that you can purchase that are more ergonomic for your hands. You might want to buy one in preparation for your next game marathon. Do it weeks before, so you've got time to get adjusted to your new mouse.

Another helpful thing might also be protective gloves. This reduces the sensation of cramps or stiff pain in your hands, from staying in one position for too long. Give your hands a break, also, once in a while. Avoid lifting heavy objects days before the marathon.


Gaming marathons aren't just gaming, and playing video games, per se. It's not just something that you can dive right into without putting much thought and preparation into it. The last thing that you'd want is for you to be in the middle of the game, feeling all exhausted and ready to put the mouse down and give up.

Gaming is serious business, and if it's something that you love to do, you know that giving up isn't and shouldn't be an option. Thankfully, going through these marathons successfully is doable. These tips can help you achieve that.


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