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6 Best Xbox One Games Coming in 2020.

By Alicia, Posted 21 Dec 2019

If you are among those people who are willing to enhance and increase their gaming library in the coming year, then 2020 holds a bunch of surprises and exciting games for you. According to gaming experts, many existing games will be released as part of their sequels in the year 2020, while many new games will also be released in the same year by the leading game producers in the market.

For those who do not know the market of these video games, it has to be stated that it is a huge business empire in itself. Video games do not only sell in one part of the world, but they are subjected to worldwide distribution and business, something that makes these gaming producers billionaires all together.

Many experts are gamers, as well as game developers who have also minted money in millions out of this gaming industry. But these games gained their part of popularity when the gaming platforms were established. Leading companies across the world, such as Sony, come out with the gaming stations year after year for almost two decades now. These gaming consoles and platforms included the likes of the PlayStation, the Xbox, the Nintendo DS, among others.

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Craze For The Xbox

Just like the PlayStation, even the Xbox has remained a top priority for gamers when it comes to gaming consoles. Xbox has been equipped with modern facilities with every passing year, and even newer games are coming up for Xbox 360, taking the demand put forward by the gamers into consideration. In this article, let us take a look at the most anticipated games designed especially for the Xbox so that you can decide which ones to buy in the upcoming year.

1. Crossfire X

The first game which we think will be among the highest selling games in the year 2020 and which is being eagerly waited for by the gamers is crossfire X. The Crossfire Series has been highly praised and followed by gamers, especially in the Asian continent. The game Is a multiplayer enabled game while even the single-player option is available for the Xbox.

Crossfire X will be seen releasing in the middle of 2020 and is developed by Smilegate. The features from the previous installments will be restored in this one with some valuable additions that will only be revealed when the game is finally released into the market.

The basic premise of the game is similar to another famous battle arcade game- the Counter-Strike series. In Crossfire X, the multiple players will be divided into two factions, and they will be required to battle it out against each other.

2. Marvel's Avengers

The next game which is being highly anticipated for a 2020 release is the Marvel’s Avengers game. After the massive success of the Marvel’s Avengers movie, which was produced by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the game based on similar lines is also being waited for by the fans as well as the gamers.

The game will be developed by a leading game producer called Crystal Dynamics and will be compatible with PC Xbox and Playstation, respectively.

Although the premise and the storyline of the game were kept as a secret until now, as the rumors have it, the game has been developed, and the theme of the game revolves around making the player take control of the Avengers. The players have to fulfill tasks as the Avengers as the Earth slips into the risk of a potential attack by the devious elements.

3. Twin Mirror

According to the experts who are observing the markets for years altogether, Twin mirror will be an underdog in the year 2020, and the chances of the game to outperform many of the other prominent games being released in the same year are very high. The game is a psychological Thriller game which is belonging to the category of episode games. The game is being developed by so very popular production house- Dontnod Entertainment.

It is seen as a sequel to the earlier released psychological thriller given by the same production called Life is Strange. Although the storyline of the game is not released and no hints about this game have been gathered yet, the fans of the genre of psychological thriller games and those who have already played the prequel will be looking forward to the release of the first episode somewhere in the year 2020.

4. 12 Minutes

Adventure Gaming has always been popular among gamers from across the globe. One such game that will be released in the year 2020 is 12 minutes. According to the journals, which have been writing about the most anticipated games in the year 2020, 12 minutes has made its mark because of the exciting storyline that it has.

The game will be produced by the leading game producer Rockstar Games and is designed by one of the greatest minds in the field of game development, Louis Antonio.

5. Doom Eternal

Doom has ruled the gaming world ever since it was released in the earlier parts of the last decade. Be it the children or adult gamers. All have been ardent supporters of the game, something which has led to the massive success of the game commercially.

In the year 2020, the next version of doom is expected to release under the banner name of Doom eternal. The game will be released for PC, Xbox, and Playstation in March of 2020. As per the rumors, a switch version of the game will also be released, but no commitment to a release date has been given by the producers of the game.


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