Video games are now dubbed as the most profitable form of entertainment given the fact that their popularity rate remains high. From the days of Super Mario Bros., the gamers’ community keeps growing as years go by. As of May 2018 alone, the gaming industry reported gaining $116 billion in revenue. These statistics also piqued other people’s curiosity about this form of entertainment. If you’re looking to indulge in video gaming, but are not sure what game to play, the following tip will prove to be helpful.

Adult Games, How To Pick

1. Consider your time.

If you think you do not have the entire day to play video games, avoid opting for MMORPG. These are the kind of games that are too time-consuming, making them not suitable for those who only have a couple of hours to spare. There are also games that you can start playing for a few minutes and then you can stop playing them once your free time is over. Examples of these include Pokemon Go and Flappy Bird. Many people play these games during their commute time on the train, in a bus, or while they’re walking their way to the office. You can access it anytime and then stop whenever you want to. If you’re too busy with work but somehow would still want to indulge in video games for entertainment sake, choose indie games. If you are over 18 years old, you can find a lot of video games that are M rated by IGM and are no doubt truly entertaining. Examples of these are Grand Theft Auto V, The Witcher 3, Gal Gun 2, and Dead or Alive 6.

2. Know your preferred genre.

Every gamer has his own favorite genre. So, think about your own preferences, too. Remember that there is certainly a plethora of video game genres that you can choose from. From sports, adventure, mystery, war or music games and even games for those who want the most obscure genre. If you choose a game according to your preferred genre chances are high that you will surely enjoy every minute of it. However, make sure to choose the right version of the game as well. If you happen to choose the latest version, chances are it would have features that are too advanced for beginner gamers like you.

3. Check the reviews.

If you find it difficult to choose the right video game for you despite being certain about your preferred genre, check out the reviews of each game on your list. This will give you an idea about the pros and cons of the game. It will also allow you a sneak peek into how it feels to be playing the game, based on the comments shared by its players. But, don’t just rely on one website when reading reviews. See other websites for more reviews about the same game that you plan to download. This is to make sure that the reviews you read are not biased, or written for promotional purposes only. Reviews that tell about the negative and positive sides of the game will most likely be unbiased ones.

4. Look for that game box. 

If your chosen game has no actual box, you can at least read the reviews to have an idea of what to expect once you start playing the game. The game box is very much similar to a store page where you will be able to know more information about the game. It will have a plot, which tells the main story and the features of the game. There are also screenshots of a game to give you a glimpse of that particular game.

Adult Games, How to Pick

5. Know the price.

Know that video games these days are getting more expensive. If you think you do not have plenty of money to splurge, better make sure that you know the price first before downloading the game copy. If your budget is limited, you may also check out second-hand game shops that sell games at a bargain price. There are also times when eBay or Amazon sells games at a low price. Set aside enough time for research so you can find the best deals.

You may start playing video games as a hobby but once you get the hang of it, you will realize that there is so much more to gaming than just pure entertainment. You can also have it as a form of occupation because it also allows you to gain money. As you develop expertise in playing video games, you can also join an e-sports tournament that encourages gamers to showcase their best video gaming feat.


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