Best Female Characters Of Video Games

These are the best female characters of gaming industry.

By Faiya, Posted 11 Mar 2020

Girls playing video games aren’t myth anymore. The time has passed when girl characters just used to be a side part of the main characters. Glassy-eyed girls, shiny long hair, lonely damsels aren’t here anymore. Nowadays some of the games have girl leading character too. Female characters acts more like a real woman.


Alyx Vance (Half Life: Alyx)
Voiced by: Merle Dandridge
Modeled by: Jamil Mullen
Weapons: Gravity gun, Alyx’s gun, Overwatch sniper rifle, Shot gun, Emplacement gun.

Half_Life: Alyx, NoobBFeed, AlyxVance

Alyx Vance is the main character of “Half-Life: Alyx”. She is seen as a mid-twenty women. Also she is a prominent figure in the movement of Resistance against the Combine law.

In this game Alyx is very well known for operating pistol amazingly. She also defeated the Five Metrocops who almost caught Gordon. It was during the escape at the start of Half-Life 2. Alyx is seen doing some serious killing. In episode one, Alyx shows fighting skills using a shotgun, kicking and kneeing off zombies. In Half-Life 2, Alyx used her unique weapon, an automatic pistol, simply known as “Alyx’s gun”.

Along all this, Alyx is also a very cheerful, friendly and sensitive person all over the game. She has seen in a great connection with her father and Gordon in some tender scenes. She behaves just like a human being. Everything she does has a clear meaning and context.


Clementine (The Walking Dead)
Created by: Sean Vanaman
Voiced by: Melissa Hutchison

Clementine is a nine-year-old girl who fights against every odd. She fights like a fearless girl. Fights through every snarling and decomposes every obstacle that comes in her way. She is only nine-year-old (first season) girl but the way she fights, is speechless. Even an adult character cannot fight like her.

The most inspirational thing is that she never gives up at all. After watching her fearless character, you may scream like “I want to be like “Clementine”.

But sometimes she relies on Lee and make decisions that threatens her own existence. But it looks good that at least, she has got a good connection over all.

Clementine is considered as an emotional center piece of The Walking Dead.


Ellie (The Last of Us)
Created by: Neil Druckmann
Portrayed by: Ashley Johnson

Ellie is a survivor in this game. She could easily have been built as a damsel in distress. This sets her out as a strong female character, not Ellie’s ability to destroy, but her ability to accept the world that falls apart around her. Also, she can protect herself.

Ellie is one of the most modern characters of all. A realistic character ever created-irrespective of sex. There’s no surety of how a human would behave to a fungal epidemic, but like any case, those who grow up knowing nothing else will normalize the world around them, no matter how foreign it may seem to everyone else.


Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)
Created by: Toby Gard
Voiced by: Minnie Driver, Judith Gibbins, Charo Soria.

After several sequels, one million imaginations and many tweaks, Lara began her gaming career as a generously proportioned Indiana Jones bootleg and she went on to become more than a poster girl only. Many versions completely miss the point of her character. Either they were making over-sexualizing Lara or making her a badass.

Lara has gone through many transformations. The recent reboot showcases Lara as a strongest character both physically and mentally.

Most impressive is Lara’s mental toughness and determination. Her ability to drive an arrow through the retinas of her enemy is eye catching too.


Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)
Created by: Isao Oishi, Shinji Mikami
Portrayed by: Inezh
Voiced by: Una Kavanagh, Catherine Disher

Jill Valentine is a fictional character in Resident Evil 3. Mainly, she is the heart of resident evil more than other character like Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield. She is a girl with strong sense of humor. She is a talented bomb defusing specialist. Also she got a cheerful nature.

Jill Valentine, Resident Evil 3, NoobFeed

The manual for the reboot of the original Resident Evil states that on many occasions her quick thinking has kept alive both herself and her comrades. She has all the features that makes her like a born leader. Definitely, a very strong minded character of all.

Her ability to remain confident and optimistic despite all the horrors she has encountered and the fact that she has been through her fair share of personal tragedies is even more impressive – as when she was brainwashed by Wesker and pity against her old comrades.

But after watching all her features, it feels like she is an amazing female character in gaming industry.


Heather Mason (Silent Hill 3)
Portrayed by: Jodelle Ferland, Lorry Ayers, Erin Pitt, Adelaide Clemens
Voiced by: Sandra Wane, Heather Morris, Amanda Winn-Lee
Designed by: Shino Yuri

Heather is the protagonist of the game “Silent Hill 3”. A teenage badass girl. According to CNET, Heather is “The first female and teenager, leading the horror franchise.

She has a rebellious attitude. She is typical teenager run-off-the-mill. She is snarky, sarcastic, hot headed and has a very little time for “adult nonsense”. A confessed love of horror flicks and a vague curiosity in super natural phenomena.

The horrors and traumas that she faces leads her to a development in her behavior later.

She was quite mature and insightful for a teenager.


Bayonnetta (Bayonetta 2)
Created by: Hideki Kamiya
Portrayed by: Penny Drake
Voiced by: Hellena Taylor (English), Joy Jillian (English), Atsuko Tanaka (Japanese), Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese)

Bayonetta is a fictional character and a protagonist of Bayonetta 2. She is portrayed as a beautiful woman with a curvy bewitching figure. Her black hair is wrapped into a beehive-like hairdo. Because of her hair-based fighting techniques, her outfit sometime becomes more revealing mainly when she uses Wicked Weave techniques. Whenever she needs to finish off an enemy, she can form her hair into massive torture machine to rip and tear her foes apart brutally.

Bayonetta 2, Bayonetta, NoobFeed

As an Umbra witch, Bayonetta is much stronger than any human being. She can kick fast enough to set her leg on fire. And react to falling satellites in seconds.

Sometimes Bayonetta manages to be an inspirational figure in the game by being a caring mother character.

All these ladies are powerful, assertive, assured, confident, fearless, exuberant and immortalized. These characters are inspirational too. So, who are your favorite female characters? Don't forget to share them at the comment section.


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