How many phone numbers of close people (family and friends) do you remember? Probably much less than before having the facilities of a cell phone. If this machine has already replaced many habits of people who were born decades before it existed, what about children who don't even have references to an “analog world”?

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In fact, recent research reveals that the dependence of young people on cell phones is such that the mere presence of the device on the table during a test, even when turned off, negatively influences school performance - in particular, concentration.

If education consists in selecting the order and the way in which children come into contact with world values ​​and facts, the cell phone can be very strong medicine, with its almost unlimited resources. So strong that it can become a terrible poison when mishandled.

In this context, parental control is a very relevant intervention. The concept is not new. It consists simply of restricting certain contents or habits to a child or young person, in order to preserve it. That is, to take the reins of what is expected of parental authority. In this digital age, monitoring should be more focused on smartphones and applications commonly used to prevent infidelity from being used.

How important is parental control?

A common situation, which may sound familiar to you: the daughter reaches a certain age and it seems reasonable to start walking to and from school instead of relying on her parents or school transport for this. One afternoon, without warning, it takes longer than usual to get home from school - ten, thirty, fifty minutes pass ... and you don't answer your cell phone.

In the end, she ends up arriving and says she was at a friend's house. However, at this point, the parents have already called the parents of other friends and even the police ... It is an unpleasant scare that could be avoided.

The relationship between parents and children is managed with mutual trust. Trust is undoubtedly the greatest parental control. But youth is an age marked by irresponsibility and, in the context of uncertainty and violence, quick information is better than satisfying it later.

Challenges for parental control

It is a fact that, when well-dosed discipline is applied to children, many problems and serious personality deviations are avoided - not to mention risks taken unnecessarily. But technology crosses all kinds of barriers, for better or for worse. Thus, parental control has also been different and has to adapt at the same pace.

One of the best-known ways to restrict content for children is the TV remote control mechanism: setting time limits and blocking certain adult content channels has automated control and avoided many parents' headaches. However, TV is now also embedded in cell phones, in practice. In addition, the relationship of children and young people with this device is much more intense than that of adults. And it is much more difficult to control the activities of a cell phone without having to take it from the wearer's hand. What's more, he won't always be close to parental control. This allows a young person, who does not yet have a well-formed personality, to be exposed to various types of risks without having to leave home, from digital bullying to pedophilia.


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