When you hear the term “fairy rings”, you’d assume that it’s an accessory. In Old School RuneScape, it’s not. Rather, once unlocked, it’s a transportation system that allows you to instantly travel even to the more remote places of Gielinor. To help you get access and learn how to use this magical means of moving about while on OSRS gold farming sprees, read up on our guide.

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Questing Before an Easy Life

To be able to use the fairy rings, you have to finish the following quests:

- The Restless Ghost
- Nature Spirit
- Lost City
- Priest in Peril
Fairy Tale I – Growing Pains

You also need to have started the quest Fairy Tale II.

Both Priest in Peril and Nature Spirit can be found in Morytania. Also, among these quests, the Lost City and Fairy Tale I are the most closely related to fairies. For the sake of brevity, we’ll only be covering the last one, as it’s the one that is a direct prerequisite to its namesake follow-up OSRS quest.

Some Kind of Fairy Tale

To start, you have to talk to Martin the Master Gardener. You’ll find him by a pigpen in the Draynor Village Market. He’ll tell you that his roses aren’t blooming as well as they used to, and then he’ll ask you to talk to the other members of the Group of Advanced Gardeners if they’ve been experiencing the same thing. There are seven of them but you only have to talk to five in no particular order.

Whichever you choose, they’ll all tell you that they’ve been experiencing the same thing Martin has. However, their explanations for what’s happening will vary, and the last one you talk to will give the most interesting one: fairies. After that, talk to Martin, get your Dramen staff, and then go to Zanaris. You’ll need the staff to enter Zanaris. You’ll also need to enter the house in the middle of Lumbridge Swamp.

You’ll then proceed to the Fairy Queen’s throne room only to find her gone, with some guy called “Fairy Godmother” (yes, you read that right) in her place. From there, it will be easy to get from one part of the quest to the next. Good luck!

Coded For Convenience

To use a fairy ring, you’ll need a Dramen Staff or Lunar Staff. However, if you have already completed the Lumbridge and Draynor Diary, you’ll no longer need one. There are over 12 tasks in the diary, so if you’re not pressed for time, the type that loves completing content, and don’t want to carry either staves with you, then you might as well accomplish that.

The fairy ring works by entering a three-letter code. There are over 45 combinations, which means the same number of locations you can teleport to. This can be quite a hassle, so thankfully, the system saves the locations that you’ve been into in the travel log. Simply click on the corresponding code of the location you want to be and it will be entered for you. For even more convenience, you can mark up to four locations as favorites, allowing you to pull them up right away.

However, even if you’ve read the code from the Wiki, you won’t be able to access a good chunk of fairy rings unless you have finished the OSRS quests corresponding to them. Also, while you can have a fairy ring in the superior garden of your own house, you need to build it first. For that, you’ll need level 85 Construction. While it’s rather high, it’s worth the immense convenience.

Now that you know the workings of the fairy ring, you can now travel around Gielinor Runescape as quickly as these magical beings. If only this was possible in real life!

Now that you know the intricacies of these fairy rings, it’s time to continue roaming the Gielinor OSRS landscapes. Happy adventuring!


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