The Venom Gyre Assassin is a unique and powerful skill. Not only does it deal chaos damage to multiple enemies, but poison damage over time as well. It’s a simple, straightforward build that is right within your reach with a few POE Currency.

Path of Exile, Venom Gyre Assassin, 3.10

Passive Skill Tree and Skill Gems

To bolster the core skill, you need the following support gems:

- Greater Multiple Projectiles
- Fork
- Nightblade
- Hypothermia
- Elemental Damage with Attacks

For movement, have Whirling Blades with Faster Attack, Blood Magic, and Fortify support gems. As for utility, have the following gem links:

- Summon Lightning Golem with Hatred, Precision level 10, and Blood Rage support gems.
- Ancestral Protector with Ruthless and Elemental Damage with Attacks support gems.

For constant buffs, have Vaal Haste and Immortal Call level 10 for your Cast When Damage Taken setup. Add Increased Duration support gem for good measure.

Gearing Up the Gyre

Now onto the gear, which you can get from either farming or PoE trade. Let’s begin with the weapons, which should be Rare claws that give huge physical damage. The same goes for boots, as you only need Rare ones, provided that they give bonuses to elemental resistances, movement speed, and strength.

Daresso’s Defiance is the most recommended for your body, as it gives a huge boost in armor and evasion, life leech, and onslaught. You also gain Endurance Charges when attacking, although you lose them when you get hit. But considering that you’ll be doing the hitting way more often, the pros greatly outweigh the cons.

Incandescent Heart is also a pretty good alternative, as it is geared towards dealing more elemental damage, and 17% of your elemental damage will be gained as chaos damage. Nevertheless, Daresso’s Defiance is still the better choice.

For the Helm, Starkonja’s Head, one of the most recommended PoE Uniques, is the best option. It offers better defensive potentials and evasion, as well as increased global critical strike chance. Abyssus is the more damage-oriented but less recommended alternative.

For the gloves, Hrimburn is the recommended one, as it gives bonuses to strength, cold damage, evasion, cold resistance, a reflection of 10 cold damage to attackers, and even mobs Igniting due to cold damage. If you can’t get your hands on one, the similar yet inferior Hrimsorrow should suffice in the meantime.

With belts, you can choose between The Nomad and Belt of the Deceiver. If you prefer more elemental resistances, go with the former, and it also grants more flask charges. On the other hand, if you feel like you need to deal more damage, the latter is for you, thanks to Intimidate. It also gives a decent amount of extra elemental resistances, provided that you hit the strength requirement for it.

For accessories, have the following:

- Rings: two Rares with bonuses to your damage-dealing ability as well as some resistances.
Amulet: preferably the Pandemonious for increased cold damage and resistance, chill enemies on hit, blind child enemies on hit, and 20% cold damage penetration when chilled.

For jewels, go for those that give bonuses to DPS.

Last but definitely not least are flasks. Among them, the best ones are:

- Panicked Divine Life Flask of Heat for instant life recovery and chill and freezing removal and immunity.
- Chemist’s Divine Life Flask of Staunching for life recovery and bleeding removal and immunity.
- Atziri’s Promise for chaos resistance and gain elemental damage as chaos damage.
- Chemist’s Silver Flask of Heat for movement speed and chill and freezing removal and immunity.
- Experimenter’s Jade Flask of Acceleration for an increase to evasion and bonus attack speed.

So there you have it, the Venom Gyre Assassin. Now that you know how to make one, what are you waiting for? Try it out!


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