Ninja Announces Six Weeks Of Fortnite Tournaments

Ninja is stepping up to promote the battle royale game once more with a prize pool of $80,000 each week.

By Daavpuke, Posted 28 May 2020

It's been a minute since there was some groundswell around Fortnite. Well, specifically, there's not that much hype around playing Fortnite, at a competitive level. Creatively, the game is still going strong, hosting a virtual Travis Scott concert not too long ago.

Luckily, shooty poster boy Ninja is stepping up to promote the battle royale game once more. The Mixer streamer announced a tournament on Twitter, called Ninja Battles. Starting tomorrow, May 28, the competition will host six events. Each week will have a prize pool of $80,000.


I'm excited to announce Ninja Battles! An online Fortnite invitational series featuring six events across May - July, each with an $80,000 prize pool. Starts tomorrow Thursday, May 28 at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET. #NinjaBattles

— Ninja (@Ninja) May 27, 2020


Hosting a tournament can also be a thing to bring a few more eyes to Mixer. Despite signing an exclusivity deal with Ninja, Microsoft's streaming platform has not seen any significant change. In a year, Mixer has only had a year-over-year growth of 0.2%, which is next to nothing, compared to alternatives like YouTube Gaming, netting 65%.

Fortnite esports is unlike anything else out there. Particularly, the game's building aspect steps into overdrive, when everyone on the map can build an entire fortress in five seconds flat. The game becomes a bit more like a puzzle game, trying to find out how to get through panels, to rush the opponent. It's not uncommon for the final circle of the battle royale game to be one gigantic monument with still a dozen players left. Additionally, the average age of participants is fairly young, compared to other games. The world champion of the 2019 Fortnite World Cup, Bugha, was just 16 years old. Another entrant from Argentina, King, was only 13 years old when they won a million dollars.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed

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