4 Awesome Gaming-Inspired Hobbies

Four awesome gaming-inspired hobbies that you may even want to consider taking up yourself.

By Arisu, Posted 01 Jun 2020

By definition, a hobby is something that you feel passionate about and that brings you joy to take part in. Hobbies can be picked up as a kid and an adult, and can most definitely change over the years brought on by different influences, experiences, and interests in your life. One thing that can spark the birth of a hobby is video games. Let’s face it, video games are very much of our culture today and have gone on to spark all kinds of fabulous, creative, and fun hobbies. But what are some of these hobbies?

Here we’ll take a look at four awesome gaming-inspired hobbies that you may even want to consider taking up yourself. Keep in mind that hobbies are a fabulous way to relax.

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Invest in Collectible Toys

Perhaps one of the most obvious and popular hobbies that have been inspired by video games is collecting toys. Collectible figurines can be found all over the world ranging from common pieces to those rare and coveted ones. Take Nendoroids as an example, which is anime characters straight from Japanese video games.

These figurines have created an almost cult-like following because they are so popular, with people building huge and impressive collections. Nendoroids of popular game characters like Kirby give everyday collectors a way to invest in a hobby they love and get excited about, and it can all be attributed to video games.

Your Own Creative Art

Another way video games have inspired hobbies is through art. How many people have picked up a piece of paper and sketched their own video game character over the years? Perhaps they had never really thought of art as a hobby and had never tapped into their talent. Maybe all it took was a video game that was inspiring, fun, and left a mark with them in order to prompt them to try designing their own.

Of course, for some people, that hobby and a passion for creation have launched a successful career in the gaming industry. So, there is also that very real possibility that your hobby can turn into a job one day.

Getting Physically Fit through Video Games

Often when you think of video games you picture someone sitting on the couch, controller in hand, and basically glued to the screen. While that can certainly be the case sometimes, today’s video games have also prompted people to get up and get moving. There is a whole collection of games that will require the player to be active, taking part in sports, dancing, singing and all kinds of other activities. Physical activity through a hobby feeds the body and the mind.

Attending Conferences Locally and Across the Country

Then for those who take their favorite video game(s) a bit more seriously, it can spark another hobby altogether. Gaming conferences have become huge in the country drawing hundreds, even thousands of attendees to these events. You have a chance to meet other like-minded people, buy collectibles, meet artists and actors, get your photo taken with characters, and much more.

Many of these gaming conferences also encourage attendees to show up dressed as their favorite character – cosplay, which is a hobby in itself. People spend a lot of time, money, and energy on those costumes and wear them with pride.

Go Ahead and Let Your Gaming Dictate Your Hobbies

So, if you’re looking for a new hobby to pick up, and you want to find a way to relax and unwind in your free time, you may want to consider letting your gaming habits choose your next hobby and steer you in the right direction.


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