Nothing Proves More That Sony Is Going To Continue To Win Than This PS5 Showcase

The PS4 Has Won, But Will The PS5 Continue The Streak?

By Kaz, Posted 12 Jun 2020

With the recent showcase on June 11th, Sony fans have gotten more than what they wanted, old games coming back with whole new experiences for the fans wanting more. For example, the “Village” game which at first didn’t seem like a Resident Evil game, but maybe the RE engine logo at the start should have given it away. But there was also the Ratchet and Clank game that we all knew was coming because of the success of the first but still seeing it was amazing for all, as it was putting the engine of the PS5 to good use. Then again there was the new Spiderman game which looked just as fun as the flashy combat again wasn’t too complicated but still looked entertaining enough to keep your attention during playtime. All these are series being continued and it's obvious that Sony is using their purchase of Insomniac games to good use as they showed two beautiful exclusives at the start of their showcase and back to back. 

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This isn’t to say that Sony hasn’t invested time to show any low budget games, as “Little Devil Inside” showed, a beautiful RPG game with unique aesthetics and what seemed to be a giant, creepy cat. It reminded me of Limbo with the 2D walking to the right simulator but it seemed to have more RPG elements than shown. Then there was Bugsnx, which apart from the weird name was entirely cute and simply that. The whole objective seemed to be eating and well simply in a literal sense, becoming what you eat. It seemed like Animal Crossing but a little weirder. The last low budget game that I saw was Kena, which like the rest of these games, seemed unique. A cute game of a girl discovering a lost city that was based around combat and collecting items. All these games harken back to the PS2 era of games that were very different from anything else, new emerging companies making unique and cute games that were simply fun and for people to enjoy. Playful and cute are good descriptions of all these AA games with true heart put into them. I can only hope more of these games come out and the PS5 is a place for polished games and special experiences. 

I obviously can’t pick a winner between the new generation because none of them is out and we have barely seen any gameplay out of the new Xbox, but Sony isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to this generation, knowing what the people want and simply deriving, many companies don’t know what the people want and usually somehow do the opposite. But Sony showed everything they could and even showed the actual console which blew up on Twitter as the slick design put the new Xbox’s blocky look to shame. But the surprising bit of the PS5 is that they are coming out with 2 different versions from the start, one allowing discs and the other “Digital edition” which seem to have no space for disks bought physically. If this is the future I don’t mind, there are disadvantages to not having the physical edition to games and movies but how slick the “Digital edition” looked may sell a lot of people into buying the alternative. Xbox is going to have to play catch up to show us what they’ve got because as we have learned from the original release of the eighth generation, first impressions count more than anything else. I am personally going to love and see what all developers that Microsoft bought bring out especially Obsidian Entertainment.

Archil Ninua,
Junior Editor, NoobFeed

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