2020's Most Talked About Games

With all the madness of this year and so many delays, what games are worth remembering?

By Kaz, Posted 13 Jun 2020

It wouldn’t be a surprise to say that we are halfway through this year and we don’t have much to show for it in terms of video games. This is not unjustified for most games as of course developers want their game to sell and sell well and so they are playing it safe and waiting. But that’s not to say there haven’t been great games out in the first half of this year and there has been for sure, they haven’t disappointed in the slightest either. Games like Doom Eternal all the way to a new Half-Life game, and while it was acknowledged at the time, a game from coming out of Valve is still very crazy, because of how much money they already make. But what company wouldn’t want more money when it comes down to it. I will give an overlook of the noteworthy games that came out this year as well as a little look at what we still have to look forward too. Seeing as we had so many announcements during the PS5 showcase.

Cyberpunk 2077, Best Game of 2020

The first notable game I wish to talk about is the Final Fantasy 7 remake, which was beautiful but not what fans of the games where expecting. People are very nostalgic for the original game and they were expecting that but with updated graphics, instead, it was a retelling of what people played through back in 1997, and breaking nostalgia can leave a lot of people with disgruntled feelings. But it was still very enjoyable, and the people joining cloud where a lot of fun to be around, we can only wait and see what comes out next from these remakes. Another game worth mentioning is Animal Crossing New Horizons. Unlike other games, a game like this came out at the perfect time, when people where at the lack of trees and wildlife around them, they were provided with a virtual way to do it all, with friends that you couldn’t necessarily meet, it was cute and just what a lot of people needed. And cute is what Nintendo brings out regularly. The last game I wanted to look at that came out of this year is the long-awaited sequel to 2016’s Doom. Doom Eternal was like its 2016 counterpart but much more with a lot more to do during minute to minute gameplay and the music was signature Doom like music, guttural and heavy. It was fun and simply but still difficult. 

Lots of fun games came out this year but there is still so much to see and experience. Cyberpunk 2077 is still coming out this year and everyone, including me, is very excited for CD Projekt RED’s next game. As well as just in a couple of days we are getting The Last of Us Part 2, which everyone has been waiting a long time for, despite the multitude of leaks. And without an official release date, we are all pretty sure that the next generation of video games will be briefly starting this year and actually starting next year with a bunch of new games. Like the next “Horizon Zero Dawn” game and the new game by Arkane which we have heard very little of, “Deathloop” which looks very exciting but Arkane has been very reliable with its “Dishonered” series in the past, so I don’t see anything changing with their newest game. All and all this year has been very good with its new games but is about to get so much better with everything coming out and the next generation staring. Which is always exciting. 


Archil Ninua,
Junior Editor, NoobFeed

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