Desktops have been called king for a long time when it comes to playing games. But now many other platforms are competing with them like Xbox, PlayStation, and even smartphones. There's something to enjoy from horror games and action-adventure games to competition games and strategy games. All it takes to play an online game is a device along with a high-speed reliable internet connection If you are not sure which is better for online games, Mobile or Desktop, let’s find out in the article below.

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Desktop Gaming

- Better Graphics and Performance

One of the pleasures of playing games on your desktop is that you can play with a larger display. Many PCs now have high-resolution screens and powerful processors that make the experience much better.

- Can play without a keyboard and mouse

When you use the keyboard and mouse for the controls, sometimes playing a computer game can be difficult. However, flexible controls, such as plugging a controller via USB, are available to you easily.

- Huge memory to store games

Download/store your favorite games on portable hard drives that have loads of storage space. Most games can quickly be downloaded from digital streaming sites rather than purchasing single-game discs to put on your CD drive.

- Interactivity

The smartphone will not miss out in any way since it offers contact entry that is touch input. Most desktops also need to use a mouse or trackpad while mobile games use complex, fast movements, no pause, and no learning curve at all. While several game apps only operate on the smartphone, touch feedback brings more profundity to the gameplay experience. It is especially valid for games such as Bubble Witch, Angry Birds, and Cut the Rope, and for newer gaming features.

Mobile Gaming

- Portable device lets you play anywhere

One of the main benefits of mobile gaming is that you can play on the go. You can play a few cool games anywhere on your smartphone, whether you are on a train to work or bored on a long-distance trip. Desktops are usually fixed, like controllers. This works well if you're happy to play games at home, but most gamers want to play everywhere they go these days. That's why smartphones win over portability; wherever you are, you can take your games and continue to play with the heart. In the meantime, the desktop stays home, waiting just for your return.

- Huge range of Games

There are lots of action games, puzzle games, slot games, and much more to experience when playing games on your mobile phone. You do not need to have separate hard drives to play your games when you can just download them to save on your phone, compared to a desktop or a game console.

- Keeps on getting better

Year after year, businesses including Apple and Samsung announce upgraded smartphone models to fulfill consumer requirements. Many smartphones today have higher-quality displays and more internal space than ever. Apps such as these are a major help if you frequently play video games.


Which is better?

Because of the variety of options accessible for several players to compete on screen gamers usually prefer desktop. There are hundreds of thousands of games available online on platforms like Steam alone. You can select from various genres including retro games and modern ones. One of the demerits of smartphone games is the lack of forthcoming titles. While desktop games can offer a larger screen and more games, handheld devices are excellent when on the go.

Smartphones are lightweight enough to take with you and can just be a casual console for gamers. You can play anywhere you are if you are okay with a tiny screen. Once all is stored on your computer, you do not need to take game disks or controls with you. Yet, it's not the right choice to play on your smartphone if you want a long game. Devices will easily lose their battery power or start overheating, while they operate on the device for long periods.

A number of gaming platforms offer many advantages and disadvantages. There are several benefits and drawbacks before players select which game they will play and which system they should use. Modern cell phones might not be at the same standard as Computer gaming, but smartphone development has contributed to improved visuals and exciting games. Mobile gaming is a long way from being played, but some serious gamers still turn to the computer for prolonged gaming sessions.


While we see a lot of differences between the two devices as far as gaming is concerned. We can conclude that a desktop provides a bigger screen and better graphics. Whereas, mobile is a clear winner in terms of portability and due to improvements in the system every other year.


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