The 5 Things World of Warcraft Classic Does Right

And a few it doesn’t

By Nilin, Posted 10 Jul 2020

WoW Classic brings World of Warcraft back to its roots. It returned players to the first time they played the game all those years ago. Sure, there are some quality-of-life updates to it, but it got close enough to the previous experience. You can say that farming WoW Classic gold is a different experience than it was originally.

And since nothing’s perfect, here are some things the game does right… as well as a few of what it does wrong.

World of Warcraft Classic


Your fellow players contribute to the overall enjoyment of the game. While the majority of WoW Classic players are adults seeking nostalgia, there has been an influx of the younger generation playing the game. These “younglings” focus more on what’s fun rather than taking things seriously. Such an approach makes the game’s atmosphere a little lighter than retail.

On the downside, the kids can be a little harder to relate to. In short bursts, they can be easy and fun to get along with. However, you’ll start to see the childishness in their play the longer you stay with them. The more “mature” you are, the more these characteristics grind on you.


Skills in WoW Classic let you choose what role to play as, and play it well. Combat isn’t just spamming all your strongest attacks at the enemy. Timing and what sort of skill you use also factor in your success. That’s how the game becomes a war of tactics and strategies. Choose your skills wisely, and you can fulfill your role in the party.

However, being a class-based game, you’re restricted to what skills the class can learn. Certain classes have strong affinities for different roles. They can perform as another role but with less efficiency. To get a feel for other play styles, you’ll have to make another character with a different class.


Depending on your server, world PvP is always on. That adds a new layer of danger, as you have to watch out for more than just random creatures who might pounce on you. Players of the opposing faction could be out to get you as well! This fosters a sense of camaraderie as a group can either set up ambush points or travel in packs to avoid getting ganked. Not many MMOs have this kind of feature.

The same can’t be said of the PvE side of the game though. Quests tend to turn you into glorified errand runners. There are a handful of quests that could be said to have a good story, but they are few and far between. You’re more likely to encounter the ‘Fetch me X monster drops’ kind of quest than the alternative.


Raids tend to the test of communication and teamwork of a guild and/or its alliance. Groups of 20-40 players team up to complete these endgame challenges. It’s the last hurdle of your whole WoW gaming life. You’ll want to do it because it’s the only way to get the best gear. Also, nothing beats the heart-pounding excitement of fighting majestic bosses and the catharsis of actually completing a raid.

Yet, there’s also the frustration of not getting what you wanted or needed, and waiting another week to try again. You’re at the mercy of the RNG, and you can’t do anything about it. What’s more, getting locked out from future raids because of sub-par gear can be too much of a bummer!

No Shortcuts

Many players dread the ‘pay-to-win aspect of MMOs (mostly for free-to-play ones). In those kinds of games, you can throw your money to get the best gear, EXP rate boosts to speed up leveling, and access to all kinds of good stuff. WoW Classic isn’t such a game. You have to play the game to progress, and you do so at your own pace. If someone seems way ahead of you, it only means they’ve spent more time and exerted more effort than you have. There are no shortcuts in this game!

Of course, for some players, this won’t be as good. As said two sections ago, the PvE side of the game isn’t very good. Players who rely on quests would be bombarded with repetitive, grind-y actions just to progress.

Parting Words

At the end, how you find your fun is up to you. Nobody else can tell you what you want to enjoy. The game can guide you, but the real creative players find ways to enjoy outside of the normal way of doing things. Short of hacking the game and ruining the experience of other players, anything is fair game.

Go out and find your fun, whether that’s farming WoW Classic gold, WoW Classic items, shooting the breeze, or exploring Azeroth. Enjoy your World of Warcraft Classic adventure!


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