Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 – New Items, Weapons and Vehicles

Epic Games has introduced a whole bunch of new features to Fortnite, including plenty of new vehicles.

By JohnSnow, Posted 10 Jul 2020

The latest season of the popular Battle Royale title brings about new additions to the Fortnite Item Shop, plus weapons to find on the battlefield, and perhaps most importantly, we have new vehicles to check out. We have seen a massive shift in focus where Fortnite’s map is concerned, which has been hit by a mass flood that has forced players to adapt to a different way of approaching matches. With that being said, let’s take a look at what’s new in players’ arsenal to go into the new season with.

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New Weapons

It wouldn’t be a new season without some new weaponry being introduced. Something that Epic Games has been focused on is bringing in weapons that haven’t been vaulted yet, with Mythical guns from last season getting the vault treatment.

One of the vaulted guns will be the Pump Shotgun, though the Charge Shotgun will be taking its place to add to the shotgun roster. New Mythic weapons have also arrived, in the form of Kit’s Shockwave Launcher and Charge Shotgun, as well as Ocean’s Burst Assault Rifle and Jules’ Drumgun. If you are looking for a way for you to get around a little easier with your weapons, then you can do so with Jukes’ Glider Gun and the Grappler, which could help you get around the flooded map. These will come in handy if there are no vehicles knocking around when you get to the latter stages of the match.

New Items of Interest

To accompany these weapons are a few new Fortnite items that will be of interest. One item of particular interest is the Bottomless Chug Jug, which will give you a much better opportunity on the battlefield to survive longer. If you want to use more of an attacking item, then there is the new Firefly Jar, which can be described as a kind of Molotov cocktail that is guaranteed to burn.

New Vehicles

Perhaps the most anticipated new addition is the arrival of new vehicles. It’s nothing new that players often find themselves scrapping with others for the joy of having the ability to either fly or float around the map in boats and choppers. That shouldn’t be as much of an issue anymore, as there are new vehicles introduced to the Battle Royale phenomenon.

Despite the fact that the whole map is flooded, there seem to be new land vehicles being added. It might be an ironic choice to bring in such ways of getting around, what with all the water being everywhere. Nevertheless, players can expect to see cars and trucks being added to the game. In the meantime, one great way of getting around is Sharks. Yes, you read that correctly.

If you have found yourself in shark-infested waters during battle, then this can actually be used to your advantage. You could use a rod in fact to turn these underwater predators into a makeshift water-ski, which is a highly entertaining way for you to get around.

Circling back to cars, they will have a much different way of working compared to usual Fortnite vehicles. What we do know is that the bigger the vehicle you are riding, the more hit points you can expect to rack up. Regardless of which you choose, something that you do need to know is that cars will need fuel to run.

Of course, this would sound obvious in real life, but it was adopted as a feature in games like PUBG and has now reached Fortnite. For small and medium-sized cars, as well as trucks, you are going to have a max fuel capacity of 100, whilst large cars will have a capacity of 150. These four cars are known as Whiplash, Prevalent, Mudflap, and Bear, with trucks set to offer you more protection than cars, with the downside being that they are predictably slower.

That’s everything that you need to know about Season 3 so far in Fortnite as part of Chapter 2. There are bound to be more features added over the coming weeks, so be sure to keep your ear to the ground as Epic Games introduces new ways to keep the popular Battle Royale title fresh.

What are your thoughts on these new additions to Fortnite? Let us know in the comments section below!


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