This TikTok Only Posts Waluigi Thirst Traps

One recent cosplay account is using methods to make people horny for Waluigi.

By Daavpuke, Posted 25 Jul 2020

Social media application TikTok is increasingly taking market share in people's interests. As such, there is an influx of unique content being made that is tailored specifically for the app. The usual format for a TikTok video is 15 seconds, accompanied by a chunk of a backing track, usually a popular, contemporary song. Minute-long creations are also possible, which serve the recent activist tendencies of the community. Previously, the platform was known as, which was used to lip-sync to songs. As such, recent hits from artists like Doja Cat or professional troll 6ix9ine have been used for viral content.

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Meme potential being a strong attention grabber with the younger audience, there are accounts which are dedicated solely to one gimmick. In the last years, primarily cosplay artists have been known to push the platform forward. A user by the name of nyannyancosplay made a global impact with their high energy performance on a diss track about Mia Khalifa, the adult actress. Said actress has since also come to TikTok to spread awareness, using their voice to uplift others. Mostly though, the cosplay accounts rely on their bright colors and the app's speed settings to create short, frenetic clips that entice viewers, with varying degrees of sexualization attached. The concept is known as a thirst trap. Videos take the fact that sex sells to, well, sell viewers on whatever the creator's goals are, whether it's following the account or outside enterprises, like OnlyFans subscriptions. The latter is a monetized platform for similar, if more adult, ventures.

One recent cosplay account is using these methods to make people horny for Waluigi. That's right, the purple pest from the Mario series is even more sexy than they've ever been, on TikTok.

User Waluijuicy, also on Instagram in a static format, posts several times a day. Wearing their purple hat and often accompanied by an angular mustache, the creator dances and jokes around in what can only be described as one of those 'sexy' Halloween costumes, but for Waluigi specifically. It's a similar schtick every time, but just as Waluigi has never lost their luster, the videos haven't gotten stale yet. In a sea of cosplay thirst traps, most users tend to gravitate to already revealing, sexualized characters. While Waluigi definitely has the inherent sex appeal of a 'noodle boy,' user Waluijuicy is able to add some additional fashionista flair to it with hot pants overalls, fishnets and even chain garters. In short, Waluigi is an icon.

Waluijuicy's first post, done four days ago, mentions: "Welcome to my sexy Waluigi account." That honesty has, at the time of writing, amassed the creator almost ten thousand followers, which isn't bad for a few days of work. Hopefully Nintendo is paying attention and taking notes. Clearly, the people can't get enough of Waluigi and who can blame them.


Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed

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