When it comes to independent video games, gamers can be spoilt for choice, if they have the right system. Those looking for new and obscure horror titles will typically head over to Steam for their gaming fix. In contrast, those looking to play online may browse the extensive range of titles available on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

With so many options available, it is easy to forget that several indie games can be played directly in your browser, with some of the bets being as follows.

Best Indie Games, Browser


Although many people have smartphones capable of playing video, playing music and engaging in video games, there was once a time when pickings were slim. For example, those in the noughties will have used a handset such as the Nokia 3210, which came bundled with the iconic Snake.

Those looking for a nostalgic hit while enjoying a modern overture will love Powerline.io, a neon landscape that will have you immersed in next to no time.


With a name like BrowserQuest, it should come as no surprise that the action takes place within your browser. What might surprise some is how addictive this indie title is once you get going. The game is a free, massively multiplayer online role-playing game that has been created using several different web technologies.

Fallen London

Are you looking for an online browser-based game that echoes back to the times of text-based adventures? Then why not give Fallen London a try. Set within an alternate iteration of London, players must navigate the landscape while dealing with surreal physics and the shady Victorian underworld.

Dragon City

If you are looking for an experience of Sim City that substitutes buildings for dragons, then why visit Dragon City for your fire-breathing antics. As well as being able to build your magical city, those that play Dragon City can also feed and evolve their dragons and take part in exciting adventures.

The gameplay can even be moved onto other devices such as the iPhone and several Android devices thanks to the accompanying apps.

The games listed are just an example of the different games that can be played within your browser, and once you have found one hidden gem, you will be on your online adventure looking for more browser-based excitement. 


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