Casino games and video games are strictly divided by the masses. If a designer wants to develop a game that does not include a story or any form of progression, then it would be safer to publish it in online casinos such as bitcasinoio. If it is going to be skill-based or story-driven games, then the console or PC is the perfect platform.

Strangely enough, video game developers do not think that the two industries should be divided. Some game developers even go as far as making the ‘gambling mechanic’ a core part of their Triple-A title. However, most devs do let these aspects stay irrelevant as a whole but they are introduced as a convenient alternative to the game’s grinding system.

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Of course, it must be stated that there are tons of games that did a terrible job of implementing gambling mechanics. The most common offence is how they charge the player real money. Others actively hide gameplay advantages behind these ‘games based on chances’. Fortunately, there are video games that did neither of these mistakes, resulting in a genuinely fun mini-game. Here are the best examples of gambling mini-games that blend perfectly with the rest of the experience.

Game Corner - Pokemon Franchise

The Pokemon franchise used to have casinos in three cities from different regions: Celadon City in Kanto, Goldenrod City in Johto, and Mauville City in Hoenn. All of them are called ‘Game Corners’ and they all feature standard casino games including slots and roulettes. These only appear as a mini-game for the franchise except in Kanto where the protagonist infiltrates the basement because it appears to be a hideout for criminals.

The Game Corner was condemned by many because it is blatantly a casino in a child’s video game. However, it also served as a great alternative to getting rare pokemon and items that are either hard to find or impossible to catch.

Gwent - The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

Not many people would consider the Gwent mini-game as ‘gambling’ because it’s a collectable card game. It should be considered gambling because the player can include a wager for each match. Geralt of Rivia could challenge any of the local shop owners for a round of Gwent. Most of them can only wager a limited amount of money and will play against him for a limited number of times. Wealthier individuals are willing to bet more than 100 coins at a time.

Likewise, Geralt can lose the game and his stakes. Some quests that are centred around Gwent will advance the plot while considering the consequences of the player’s defeat. Aside from money, the player is wagering their advantages that could help them for future parts of the quest.

Steamworks - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Monster Hunter World is an action RPG where the equipment matters the most. Unlike other video games, the player cannot increase the basic stats of their character using experience or attribute points. Instead, they need to collect materials needed to craft their gear or items that should preserve their character’s health while in combat. As a result, the game becomes tedious for players who don’t like gathering stuff.

The Iceborne DLC solved the tedious nature of the game by introducing the Steamworks mini-game. It is essentially a gambling machine that rewards players materials and consumable items that could greatly help their hunt and progress. It does not accept money, however. To spin, the player needs to add fuel made from minerals found in the Guiding Lands.

Caravan - Fallout New Vegas

Caravan is the name of a card game in Fallout New Vegas. However, unlike The Witcher 3’s Gwent with pretty pictures and magical abilities, Caravan used casino playing cards. The ones with spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds. It is still a ‘collectable card game’ because the player needs to scour the wasteland or visit every store in search of cards that they can add to their deck.

Caravan may be using cards from casinos but it has its own rules. It is not poker, baccarat, or blackjack, although those games are also in Fallout New Vegas. The game is genuinely fun to play and easy to learn. Sadly, it never reappeared in future Fallout games because Bethesda has a different vision of the franchise’s future.

Noteworthy Mentions

As mentioned earlier, Fallout New Vegas has the standard casino games that the player may encounter. It makes sense because the game is set in the wasteland of Las Vegas Nevada. The casinos are still operational and run by wealthy families. The player is more than welcome to visit and play with the locals.

The game company, Ubisoft, also tends to include traditional gambling, such as poker and blackjack, for Watch Dogs and Far Cry 3. However, they were outdone by Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption and GTA series.


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